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The connected All-in-One Nonprofit CRM for fundraising and membership organizations

NeonCRM empowers nonprofit and membership organizations to raise more money, while helping your staff manage day-to-day processes more efficiently through automation.  The all-in-one database enables nonprofits & associations to have their most important information in one system, accessible from any internet connection. Online forms integrate with any website, auto-feed data into NeonCRM, and allow for real-time processing and recurring payment scheduling.  Whether it is fundraising, membership tracking, events registration, or a combination of these, the NeonCRM is built to help your organization capture and track your most important data. 

Most nonprofit and membership organizations have between 3-5 disconnected databases & software programs for tracking the people, organizations, and transactions important to them.  Due to this fact, most organizations' staff spends an inordinate amount of time "bouncing" from system to system trying to connect the scattered data to understand the full 360-degree profile of their constituents.  The NeonCRM is a nonprofit CRM that helps bridge this gap by having everything important that is coming into your organization tracked in one, connected CRM database.  This enables your organization to handle many common processes in one unified, "people-focused" database that is accessible to your staff from any internet connection, integrated with your website, and provides seamless interaction to the people and organizations you serve.

NeonCRM specializes in tracking:

All of this information can be accessed and managed through our secure cloud-based NeonCRM platform that works on any computer platform (Mac, PC, Linux, Smart Phone, Tablet) with a secure web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.).  

A Closer Look

NeonCRM at-a-glance dashboards for nonprofits & membership organizations360-degree View: See Relationships, Donations, Fundraising, Membership History, Transactions, Emails, Event attendance, and more in the Nonprofit CRMUp-to-Date Dashboards for each section of Nonprofit CRM

Key Features


The NeonCRM does not require you to install any software on your computer or server.  NeonCRM is accessed though your web browser on any computer, smart phone, or tablet.  This relieves your organization of the need to manage servers, database backups, security protocols, expensive software updates, and many of the other Information Technology (IT) headaches associated with managing server/computer based databases.  A cloud-based database like NeonCRM allows for better integration & automation of many processes in one unified system.  This allows nonprofit and membership organizations to save on many of the outlying costs that organizations are plagued with that effect the bottomline.  Also, this allows your IT staff to focus on mission-critical items rather than babysitting servers or worrying about accessibility to the system.


Manage all of your constituent data in one place, giving you a 360-degree view of what each person or organization means to you.  On the profile page of each person or organization you will have a full summary of everything we have stored in NeonCRM.  This enables you to quickly see the history, custom data, payments, communications, activities, connected relationships/accounts, and much more. 

Unlimited Staff Users (10 Concurrent users included)

All NeonCRM clients are provided with the ability to create an unlimited number of staff users.  With all systems, 10 "concurrent" staff users can access NeonCRM at the same exact time, no matter the size of your database.  There is no "per user license fee", so you can concentrate on your entire organization knowing your CRM.  Additional packages of 5 concurrent users can be easily added on to your database for miminal fees.


NeonCRM allows your administrators to contol which staff users have access to particular portions of the differnt NeonCRM areas using in-depth user permissions.  This enables you to limit who can view, edit, or delete many types of information on the NEON accounts.  This includes drill down access to areas such as fundraising, membership, event registration, staff notes, activities, store purchases, reporting, and much more.

Payment Processing

Use NeonCRM with a 3rd-party Merchant Account gateway to accept online payments.  NeonCRM is PCI compliant (latest credit card security rules) and can manage recurring/scheduled payments easily.  NeonCRM connects to multiple credit card & e-check providers enabling your organization to get the best prices possible for processing electronic payments.  NeonCRM handles checks, cash, and other forms of payment as well and never takes any additional portion of your transaction revenue.  Typical fees include a low monthly fee, potential PCI Compliance fee for the Account, and transaction fees ranging from as low as 2.2-2.9%


At the core of any good CRM is the relationship tracking the database provides between the records within the system.  With NeonCRM, you can link accounts with custom relationships that showcase who knows who, how they know each other, and what it means to your organization.  NeonCRM relationship tracking applies to individual relationships, but also provides customizable organizational relationships as well.  This allows for sophisticated relationship tracking between individuals, between organizations, and also for individual to organizational tracking as well.  Track Board Members to major donors, track the primary contact to a large organizational donor, and highlight important relationships between various donors and/or members.


NeonCRM contains a robust set of reporting tools that can touch on every aspect of your organization's reach.  Query across the data fields from all of our NeonCRM modules to build custom reports with very specific criteria for reports and communications.  NeonCRM reporting allows staff to create their own "saved reports" that they use frequently so they do not need to query the same report over and over again.  These dynamic saved reports can even be shared via a password protected hyperlinks so Board Members can be emailed the most up-to-date reports for their meetings, or bookmark them for at-a-glance reference at any time.  The system also provides 40+ one-click reports as well, including the all important LYBUNT reports (people who have acted Last Year But Unfortunately Not This year to some action) and SYBUNT reports (Some Year But Unfortunately Not This year). The reporting also allows staff to decide which data fields display on each report to ensure that only the most vital information is shown.  We can even pull reports on people who have "not" done something.

Smart Householding

Easily keep track of household memberships, giving history, event attendee participation, residence and addresses, and more.  Allowing the ability to view family members in one, aggregate account view provides your organization an easy way to track all the different ways families interact with your organization.  The NeonCRM Smart Householding function allows organizations to more effectively communicate and solicit family groups so you are not sending multiple solicitations to the various members of the household, or the worst case scenario of soliciting a parent's child.

Solicitations & Activities

Easily track moves management with any constituent, making sure all your meetings, phone calls, and more are accounted for.  Let NeonCRM send you an email reminder about that next phone call, meeting, or task- and track all of these in one place.  By connecting these activities to the proper record and applying customizable tracking steps to move them forward in your organization's solicitation process, you can rest assured that your staff can track their tasks, management can monitor staff, and constituents can feel the special attention paid to their needs.

External Email Communications

Track emails sent from any email platform (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, etc) through our BCC function, including the text of the email.  Just add a special email address to any email you send and NeonCRM will receive this email and apply it to the correct record in the system.  This will also be reflected and viewable on the record when you pull it up on your screen.

Detailed Tracking & Targeting

Target anyone in your database based off of any data field or previous transaction.  This enables you to create specialized, targeted communications to detailed segements of your NeonCRM database.  As an example, you can send an emailed event registration invite to a person classified as a member, who has donated over $5,000, lives in California, attended last year's Gala event, and answered "yes" to that custom question on the form you created. 

Data Import

With every system, you may load constituent data into the NeonCRM with our built-in Self Import module, enabling you to import many types of contact information and transactions on your own.  We also offer very reasonably priced import services for more in-depth data conversion from other databases & software providers.  Our Development & Import Staff has imported data from every major platform on the market and we continue to ensure your most important data is not left behind. 

Data Export

Access to your data is vital and we allow all of your data to be easily exported in Excel & CSV formats from any report.  We also offer a Microsoft Word mail merge utility as well.  The NeonCRM even has a built-in Data Utility Manager that allows your organization to download the entire database file so you always have access to the entire dataset.

Duplicate Checking

Keep your data clean with advanced duplicate checking.  


Add unlimited custom fields to make the system work best for your organization.  You can create your own radio buttons, drop-down fields, checkboxes, text fields and add your own selecttions.  These fields can be added to the NeonCRM online forms (donation pages, membership forms, event registration forms) and to the constituent login portal allowing this data to be updated by the people and organizations you serve (if you choose).  NeonCRM also allows staff and administrators to dictate what information they want to view on a record to ensure the most important information to them and their job is easily accessible and viewable.

Nonprofit CRM

NeonCRM was specificall built for nonprofits unlike many other CRM databases.  Our nonprofit CRM was designed for fundraising and common nonprofit tasks, along with all the power of a full CRM database.

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