Web Based Fundraising & Membership for Nonprofit Organizations

What is NeonCRM?

NeonCRM is a web-based fundraising and membership system that provides nonprofit organizations with all the tools required to increase donations and memberships while automating common processes and streamlining staff's day-to-day tasks.  

Reduce data entry. Automate processes. Streamline day-to-day tasks. Raise more money.

Utilizing the latest technologies, NeonCRM integrates with your website that auto-feeds data to your database and provides a platform that is accessible to your staff, constituents, donors, and members. Imagine one, powerful CRM database that can be used to track all of the people, organizations, communications, documents, activities, notes, and payments important to your mission. Stop using multiple databases and software programs and come join us for a high-level demonstration.  Click here to register.

Who uses NEON?

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