The All-in-One CRM for Nonprofits

Reduce data entry. Automate processes. Streamline day-to-day tasks. Raise more money.

NeonCRM cloud database empowers organizations to raise more revenue through automation, while helping staff streamline day-to-day processes more efficiently within one truly connected platform. Organizations’ most important data can be housed in one dedicated system, accessible from anywhere. Donation, event and membership forms integrate with any website, auto-feed information into NeonCRM, and allow real-time processing/recurring payment scheduling.  

NeonCRM is a connected, multi-channel, cloud-based CRM database for nonprofits.  What does this mean to my organization?

Most organizations and nonprofits have between three and five databases; more significantly, these data sources do not communicate with each other.  This makes it near impossible for nonprofits or associations to see the larger picture of what any donor, member, organization, individual, or volunteer means to their organization.  When was the last time the donor donated and how much?  Did they attend your last three fundraising events with their spouse last year?  How long have they been a member of the association?  Which web, email, and print campaigns did they respond to?  What was the last staff contact with this person?  Did they open the last email you sent?  How can any organization or nonprofit make use of all of this great information if the information is not connected and reportable in one CRM system?  Giving your staff the tools to easily comprehend constituent behavior efficiently and effectively is vital to providing insight in how best to interact with and solicit your constituents.

NeonCRM was created in 2004 to be the most comprehensive, user-friendly, cloud-based CRM database for nonprofits.

Connected Donors/Members/Attendees

Making your donors and members feel connected to your organization is vital to increasing their giving and support.  When a donor or member becomes more than just a name, they feel connected, and they become more active.  They donate more, attend more events, bring colleagues to join, share emails, promote your activities on social networks, create peer-to-peer fundraising pages, and help your nonprofit grow.  The more information you can collect about your constituents in one place, the more you can speak to them as a real person.

A true cloud-based database like NeonCRM can also give your constituents a “home” on your website by inviting them to log in to a customized web portal.  Creating a login portal can save staff time by allowing your constituents to view special announcements, update their own information, sign up for events, donate, see their historical transactions, access restricted content, and even print receipts.  A customized area for donors and members can further connect them to your cause.

Your Website Should Feed Your CRM

NeonCRM also allows your organization to leverage data coming in from your website, data entered by staff, data entered by constituents, and communications data – all in one CRM database.  Your system should be able to automatically process donations or memberships from your website, create a new record in your system (or attach to an existing supporter’s record), send out an auto thank you email, put them on a list to receive a mailed letter, and sync with your accounting software.  This gives your staff more time to focus on your organization’s mission, as opposed to routine tasks.  The more scattered your data is, the more staff time is necessary to pull it together.

Integrating the NeonCRM with your website allows supporters to enter information directly into online forms that automatically feed into your database, saving staff a lot of time every day.  Many nonprofit organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to manage the disconnect between their database(s) and their website.  Allowing your web pages and forms to integrate seamlessly with your CRM database is why a connected cloud-based CRM like NeonCRM is so important to nonprofits of every size and sector.

All Cloud.  All in One.  All Yours.     

Why not leverage the most powerful tools and technology to allow your staff to work smarter and more efficiently?   Maximize the value of every donation and membership to your mission, rather than increasing organizational and staff costs.  Implementing the NeonCRM platform will allow multiple staffers to easily access and enter important information from anywhere – iPad/tablets, smartphones, Macs, or PCs.  Also, the NeonCRM platform is running on the most secure servers and are more secure than onsite, office-based servers.  Plus we have over 99.9% uptime as well. Whether you have a large office, staff on the road, or staff working from home, access to user-friendly software is crucial to furthering nonprofit missions.     

Attend one of our high-level demonstrations held twice-weekly every Tuesday and Thursday to earn NeonCRM can help your organizaiton to reduce data entry, automate many processes, streamline staff's day-to-day tasks, and raise more money.  Click here to register.

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