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Your organization helps people and NeonCRM Fundraising Software helps you to focus on your mission by eliminating many tedious tasks.  NeonCRM is an online fundraising and donor management CRM database built to empower non profit organizations to raise more revenue through automation, while helping staff streamline day-to-day processes within one truly connected platform. This enables non profit organizations to have their most important information in one dedicated system, accessible from any internet connection. Plus, built-in online forms integrate easily with any website, auto feed donation information to NeonCRM, and allow for real-time credit card processing and recurring payment scheduling.  NeonCRM is an industry-leading platform for non profit organizations of all sizes that are in need of strong relationship management for increased personal engagement and a truly connected CRM.

  • Fundraising is shifting from an "offline" to an "online" environment   
  • In a June 2013 report by The Chronicle of Philanthropyonline giving increased by over 14% between 2011 and 2012
  • NeonCRM was built from the ground up as a multi-channel fundraising system
  • NeonCRM allows for instant automated tax receipts via email, event registration tracking, and much more
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Make the most of your fundraising efforts with powerful fundraising software utilities that will help you save time and increase giving.  The NeonCRM database provides your organization with an amazing array of tools to increase outreach and make each fundraising campaign more successful.  By automating many common processes and providing a unified fundraising platform, NeonCRM is able to save your organization valuable time and money while increasing donations and donor services.

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A Closer Look

Fundraising Software, Donation Dashboards, Quick Reports, and Campaign Comparisonneon batch donation entryCustom Campaign Donation Forms Integrate with your Website and Auto-Feed Donor Information into NeonCRM

Key Features

Integrated Online Donation Forms

Easily collect online donations and track donation history, giving your organization the ability to see why, how, and when your donors support your mission.  Unlimited custom donation campaign pages can be created allowing your organization to solicit segmented groups of donors with different campaigns and raise money for various purposes allocated to particular funds all at once.  The NeonCRM platform allows your website's look-and-feel to be applied to every form so your organization's branding will be carried from entry all the way through exiting the payment page!

All-in-One Giving

All donations added to the NeonCRM will create the new constituent record, process the credit card transactions in real-time, and send a customized donation receipt all at once.  NeonCRM handles all of the offline & online giving in one system so you can see all of the donations on each and every account whether they come in online, are sent with a check in the mail, or even handed to a staff member at an event.  The detailed tracking allows for incredible insight into how every dollar enters the database.

Payment Processing

Use NeonCRM with a 3rd-party Merchant Account gateway to accept online payments.  NeonCRM is PCI compliant (latest credit card security rules) and can manage recurring/scheduled payments easily.  NeonCRM connects to multiple credit card & e-check providers enabling your organization to get the best prices possible for processing electronic payments.  NeonCRM handles checks, cash, and other forms of payment as well and never takes any additional portion of your transaction revenue.  Typical fees include a low monthly fee, potential PCI Compliance fee for the Account, and transaction fees ranging from as low as 2.2-2.9%

Integrated Email Newsletters & Receipts

NeonCRM has two fully integrated engines for sending out customized emails & receipts.  Valid tax receipts can be easily customized with pictures & messages for each campaign and type of transaction.  NeonCRM also has an internal email engine for sending out beautiful custom campaign "asks" and custom HTML templates, as well as a deep integration with MailChimp for sending out beautiful newsletters connected to social networking.

Donation Levels

Set up custom pre-defined giving levels, empowering your contributors to give to your mission at the desired level.  On a general donation page it is good to have a variety of options, but do you really wany to ask that donor who gave $5,000 last year for $50 this year?  Create custom donation pages for various segments of your database and target each one with the specific set of choices.  Also, you can name these donation levels anything you want so conributors know how their money will be used to support your wonderful mission.

Campaigns, Funds, Purposes

Segment donations into campaigns, funds, and purposes.  These enable you to track where funds are coming from and what they are designated to.  Unlimited campaigns can be created in NeonCRM, each one tailored with a specific conditional email response.  This way when someone donates you can provide the perfect donation form, thank you message, and it is automatically tracked to the right campaign while immediately recorded to the donation history of the contributor's record.  NeonCRM even allows for "Parent-Child" structuring so you can better categorize sub-campaigns, funds and purposes.


All of the transactions in NeonCRM can be exported via Excel & CSV formats.  A secure link can be provided to your accountant allowing them to easily access specific dynamic accounting reports without even opening your database.  The campaigns, funds, and purposes can be mapped to most accounting programs.  We also have an integration with QuickBooks online & offline versions that can help automate the process and reduce duplicate entry or tedious importing steps.

Batch Donations

Quickly enter donations with the batch donation entry system, so when it comes time to enter a stack of checks you can easily connect them to the right records in the database, and manage the receipting process instantly.  Just start typing the name and NeonCRM will find the connected account to tie the doantion to.

Recurring Donations

NeonCRM fundraising software allows nonprofits to automatically process scheduled recurring donations, giving your donors the most flexibility in how they can support your mission.  This "recurring" option can be added to all of the online donation forms.  Recurring donations are a great way to turn a one-time donor into a lifetime supporter.

Grant Tracking

Track every stage of the grant solicitation process, from your letters of inquiry to when those reports are due.

Honor/Memorial Donations

Easily attach acknowledgements to donations, giving your donors the ability to honor & memorialize those closest to them. 

Constituent Login Portal

Unlike many fundraising software platforms, NeonCRM provides a customized donor login portal for your donors.  This can be customized with messages, pictures, videos, hyperlinks, and timed messages.  Donors will have the ability to donate, print receipts, update address information, manage recurring donations, and more.  Encourage them to login and update their own accounts by creating an attractive donor portal.

Soft Credits, Split Donations, & Matching Donations

NeonCRM is prepared for all types of detailed donation tasks.  We have an automated soft-credit function that allow you to connect two records and automatically credit an account for all future tranactions.  Donations can be split in as many parts as you choose, and you can setup designations for "matching" donations.

Solicitations and Activities

Easily track potential donors with moves management, making sure every meeting, phone call, and more with your constituents is in your system.  You can assign staff members to any of the accounts in NEON and easily track the overall activities.  Easily pull up a list of everything you or your staff needs to do, or go to any donors account to see specifically which "activities" are related to them.

Target Anyone

Target anyone in your database based off of any data field or previous donation or transaction.  Just as an example- NEON could pull up all of the people from your state, that donated more than $5,000 last year, that were also a board member, that selected they were interested in volunteering on your website, and "did not" attend the annual gala last year. 

Fundraising System

Neon is a complete fundraising system that can help take your organization to new heights.  Do not be limited by separate donation systems, software programs, communication programs, event software, and other databases.  Bring these all together with NeonCRM.

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