Membership CRM & Association Management System

NeonCRM makes membership & association management simple

Simplify the membership management of your organization by using one centralized system.  NeonCRM combines all of the tasks you need in a single powerful database. Every step of the process, including online join/renew, payment processing, communications, online member registration, and reporting can be done from within NeonCRM. This provides your nonprofit organization or association with advanced membership CRM management combined with powerful website integration, NeonCRM is the all-in-one solution for your membership organization.

A Closer Look

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Key Features

Online Join and Renewal Pages

Sign up new members or offer current membership the ability to renew with one simple form.  We copy the look and feel of your website, and the forms can be promoted anywhere on the internet.

Unlimited Individual, Organizational, and Household Membership Types

Create as many custom membership terms as you like. The NEON CRM can not only handle individual memberships, but also more complex household & organizational memberships.

Advanced Fees

Maintain separate Join and Renew fees. Easily setup complex membership pricing structures for households and organizations.


Your members can choose to have their memberships automatically renew, and have access to a member login portal allowing them to renew the memberships themselves. NEON can be set to automatically send a series of emails (with renewal links) asking your members to renew before their membership expires.

Discounts & Coupon Codes

Create unlimited discounts and coupon codes for your members.  These allow you to create membership promotions, as well as benefits to your members who join.  Discounts can be offered on memberships, event registrations, and store purchases/downloads.

Online Directory

Manage a public and/or private online member directory.  You have the option to choose exactly which fields from the NEON database display on the directory, as well as which ones appear on each person or organizations profile.  Pictures or logos can be added by the members or staff.

Member Login

Allow members to manage their dues or update contact information by logging in.  This is a very customizable login area that can be turned into a very robust place for your members.  Custom pages and content can be easily added.

Member-only content

Provide member-restricted pages in the constituent login.  These pages can be made accessible only to certain member types, and NEON will validate their membership in real time.  This enables you to provide specific content, documents, and more to your members.

Target Anyone

Target anyone in your database based off of any data field or previous transaction.  

Membership CRM

With our membership CRM you can not only track your members, but all of your prospects and other constituents as well.  Our database allows you to track relationships, companies, individuals, members, donors, event registrants, staff, volunteers, and more.

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