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Help us build our new Operation Center for Be Like Brit!!!

66 Pullman Street, Worcester MA 01606



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Since 2010, Britney’s parents, Len and Cherylann, have built the orphanage where today 45 Haitian children call home. While Len and Cherylann have spent half of their time living between Haiti and the US, their “International Headquarters” are currently located in a small office in their home which is so tiny only one person at a time can work in it; all Be Like Brit donations have been stored in their garage. Thanks to Doug and LeeAnn Peterson, they now have room for volunteers and donations and are working to get “Operation Center” (named OC after Brit’s favorite TV show) finished by the end of September/early October.


This new building will be instrumental to the success of Be Like Brit, ensuring that we can continue to take care of our children at Brit's Orphanage. We are committed to our mission of providing our children with a safe and nuturing environment where they can grow, learn and thrive. As more children join our family in Haiti, we must continue to find ways to support them and the staff at BLB. This requires a tremendous amount of work from our USA staff and volunteers, and the new Operational Center will be a significant step for improving our operations! The space will be another "home" for our BLB family - just as the orphanage is a "home" for our BLB family in Haiti. 

It will be a place where our USA staff and many volunteers will be able to effeciently work together to make sure that Britney's last wish - and the children at Brit's Orphanage - continue to thrive. 


Each brick brings us closer to helping us build our new USA home - ultimately helping us help Brit's children in their home in Haiti.


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If you have any questions about the new OC or would like to tour the space,

please contact (508) 886-4500 or visit the OC at 66 Pullman Street, Worcester MA 01606.



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Be Like Brit is proud to be a Gold Participant with the Guide Star Exchange. Be Like Brit is a U.S.A. registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization which operates a 19,000sf earthquake proof orphanage in Grand Goave, Haiti. The orphanage was built in loving memory of 19 year old Britney Gengel who perished in the Haiti Earthquake while on a service trip with her college, Lynn University. Today there are 66 beautiful children living and thriving in the orphanage. Hundreds of people, from all over the world, come visit the orphanage to volunteer and thousands of individuals are part of the Be Like Brit Family.

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