Help Us Protect Historic Places in California.  Support CPF Today with a Tax-deductible Gift

Our programs and services help individuals and communities throughout California and beyond.   When you support CPF, you help us help others through our education and advocacy programs.


Donate now and celebrate at these very special events.


·         Donate $150 or more and join for a private screening of Vertigo on February 7, 2017 at the 1911 New Mission Theater, with drinks and a special behind-the-scenes tour by members of the project team.

·         Donate $250 or more for two tickets to this exclusive event.  Limited seating

·         Donate $75 or more and receive a free ticket to the LGBTQ sites in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District.


Yes!  I will support CPF with a year-end gift.  My tax-deductible gift to CPF will help protect California’s heritage for future generations Californians.


* $1000
LGBTQ Sites in the Tenderloin Tour (donations of $75+)
1 Ticket to the New Mission Theater Vertigo Screening and Tour (donations of $150+)
2 Tickets to the New Mission Theater Screening and Tour (donations of $250+)

One More Question...

You can also contribute to the CPF Advocacy Fund. Thanks to a generous donor, every dollar you donate here will be matched, dollar for dollar, and will be used only for the purpose of statewide preservation advocacy.


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