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Drifters of the Deep

Residential Summer Camp

Do you know what microscopic forms of life exist in one drop of seawater? You won't believe your eyes! Encounter bizarre larval creatures from sea stars to crabs to jellies! Discover the world of drifting plankton that plays a vital role in sustaining life in our fragile ocean ecosystem. You'll explore below the surface with mask and snorkel. Then to top it off, you’ll go kayaking at sunset in search of bioluminescent plankton! Campers must be able to swim.

Activities: kayaking, snorkeling, booge boarding, plankton studies, tidepooling, visit to Monterey Bay Aquaruim

Location: California State University, Monterey Bay
Age: 10-13
Fee: $800

Registration limited to 30 campers
Staff to camper ratio is at least 1:6

Session 1: July 2-6, 2017
Time: Sunday 1:00pm - Thursday 1:00pm

Register Registration Opens mid-December
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