Please join us for a special day on Sunday, April 21, from 11:00am - 4:00pm at Pawsway, Harbourfront, Toronto, and help us reach our goal of $7,500 to provide free spay/neuter services in Cancun, Mexico.

Meet Hulé Spaniel & Hansen… two dogs recently saved by CANDi:

HANSEN, a sweet boy found dragging his back legs on the streets of Cancun desperate to be saved, was brought to CANDi’s Clinic in Mexico this past January and treated for various diseases and malnutrition. He was in such terrible shape, but grateful to have been rescued off the streets as he would not have survived much longer. The volunteers and vets at the clinic saw hope for this pup and made arrangements to send him to Toronto to get further treatment to see if he could regain the use of his legs.  He was escorted by CANDi’s Ambassador, the very compassionate Andre Durie of Toronto Argos, who was at the Clinic helping at the time. Hansen is currently receiving treatment in Newmarket in hopes that he will gain use of his back legs. In the meantime, he has his 2 wheeler to get him around.

HULE, was viciously attacked with a machete and through the efforts of CANDi, she received immediate emergency surgery. Although she lost an eye and suffered other neurological damage, little Hulé was saved.  Hulé was brought to Toronto to undergo rehabilitation and is now walking, wagging her tail and has a forever home. This innocent little dog’s strong will to live has impressed many people and her story has received international press coverage. She is currently living with her new family in Barrie and loving it.

In order to help dogs like Hansen & Hule who are regularly abused and mistreated, we hope to raise $7,500 at our “SPAY IT FORWARD” Fundraiser. Have fun with your pooch on the Agilitiy Course & lots of prizes to be won at our Silent Auction and Raffle.  

A fun filled day of play with your pooch will include:  

  •     Fun on the Agility course with trainer Ola from Paws Above
  •     The chance to win some great prizes at our Silent Auction and Raffle Draws
  •     Professional pooch pics for only $20 by Gotcha! Studio.

Special Guests: Andre Durie, and Ian Logan of Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

All proceeds go to CANDi to help fund their November 2013 sterilization clinic in Mexico.

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Please note:  All dogs must be social. 

11am - 1:30pm  Small/Medium dogs welcome

1:30pm - 4:00pm  Medium/Large dogs welcome








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