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Sign up on our e-mail list by Dec. 30 and you will be entered to will 2 free tickets to Portland Center Stage!

Subscribe to either our simple e-mail list or create an online account so you don't miss any notes from CMC. At the end of this year we will draw a random e-mail address from our list and award the winner with a gift pass for 2 seats at any Portland Center Stage mainstage production in the 2013-14 season (subject to availability - pass holder calls PCS to redeem for desired show). No purchase necessary!  Up to a $144 value.

Note: if you are a current CMC student you only receive e-mails while registered; you'll need to subscribe to our list to continue getting CMC News post-enrollment. The CMC e-mailing list is not connected to the PP&R registration system. See our privacy statement.

Thanks to PCS for donating the prize for this drawing!  For a list of producations, see


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