The Cup of Blessing
The Cup of Blessing
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This wonderful resource is perfect for readers desiring to bring biblical significance to their family life.
With easy-to-follow instructions, The Cup of Blessing empowers readers to begin serving communion within their families.

This long forgotten, but important, activity will serve to strengthen the family unit through combined relationship and worship in the home.
Members will grow in awareness and understanding of the importance of communion while sharing in an act of family closeness.

Book Details:
Release Date:  October 2002
Cover:  Paperback
Size:  4" x 6"
Page Count:  96
Category:  4 x 6 PaperbacksChristian LivingMinistry ResourcesSpiritual Growth
Cover Style:  Vertical Portable
Publisher:  Harrison House Publishers
Subject:  Charismatic

ISBN:   978-1-57794-546-8
ISBN-10:   1-57794-546-8

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