The Blood Speaks
The Blood Speaks
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 A book to help readers discover for themselves—and share with someone they love—the miraculous, life-giving power of the Blood of Jesus Christ!

All over the world millions of people hunger to experience the supernatural; they yearn for a touch of the divine.
But tragically, millions are seeking spiritual fulfillment in all the wrong places and in all the wrong ways.

Author Larry Huggins knows this heartfelt emotion from firsthand experience.
Before he met Jesus Christ as his Savior, he was committed to experimenting with a smorgasbord of spiritual beliefs that eventually brought him into the clutches of demonic powers—and almost cost him his life.

But when Huggins met Jesus, he discovered another power, a greater power—the power of the Blood of the Lamb.
Huggins points out that other spiritual forces cry out for our attention and allegiance—false religions, positive thinking that does not acknowledge our need for God, New Age philosophies and practices, and Satanic rituals. But only the Blood of Jesus speaks to us with authentic words that bring healing and health, forgiveness of sins, victorious Christian living, prosperity and true success.

In addition to individual use, this title is ideal for small group Bible studies and other Christian education activities.


Book Details:
Release Date:  April 2003
Cover:  Paperback
Size:  5-5/16" x 8-3/8"
Page Count:  144
Category:  FaithHoly Spirit
Cover Style:  Trade Paperback
Publisher:  Harrison House Publishers
Subject:  Christian Living/Charismatic Interest


ISBN:   978-1-57794-422-5
ISBN-10:   1-57794-422-4

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