Art Church: Sacred Architecture


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Art Church: Sacred Architecture

with Alex Grey and Allyson Grey

Sunday, July 5th, 2015 - 1pm - 5pm

Admission - $10 online / $15 at the door, Free to CoSM Members


Sacred Architecture

Throughout history, humanity has built sacred spaces as expressions of our spiritual and creative evolution. From the earliest painted caves, pyramids, stupas, synagogues, mosques, and cathedrals to the most modern temples, sacred spaces have served a vital role in connecting community members with each other and with the wisdom traditions so important to their survival. These architectural wonders offered by our ancestors remain pilgrimage sites where people refresh their souls. Holy places of peace and ceremony can activate healing, comfort, love, harmony with the cosmos, and Oneness with the Creator.


Join Alex and Allyson as they present an illuminating overview of sacred space from around the world, from caves to cathedrals.  Learn the "Twelve Criteria for Sacred Architecture" according to Keith Critchlow.  Examine the archetypal shapes and metaphors that connect sacred space from every culture. 

At this pivotal moment in history, creating sacred space that honors the mystic core of all religions and cultures will activate feelings of inter-connectedness and empower us with faith to solve the problems confronting humanity and the web of life.
Building a Temple gives people a symbolic focal point to transcend their differences and create something beautiful together. The collective awareness of a dawning planetary civilization and universal spirituality is calling for an uplifting twenty-first century vision of World Spirit. Chapel of Sacred Mirrors is answering that call.

Design for the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors



Program Begins at 1pm

Meditation on the Temple of the Body and Soul -- music by DJ Jon Ohia
        BRING DRAWING MATERIALS including colored pencils, pens or watercolor and a sketch book or pad.
        Journaling and poetic expression also encouraged.

Meditation Ends with Closing Reflections

Break -- The Mushroom Cafe and CoSM Shop will be open.

Sacred Architecture -- an illustrated talk by Alex & Allyson

Discussion on Archetypal Shapes and Perspective

Altar Drawing -- music by DJ Jon Ohia

Closing Ceremony -- Program Ends at 6pm


Alex Grey interweaves biological anatomy with psychic/spiritual energies in his visual meditations on the nature of life and consciousness.  This groundbreaking artwork has reached millions through Grey's six books, extensive reproduction of his artwork. Committed to art that celebrates oneness, Alex and Allyson Grey, his wife and companion of 36 years, co-founded the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors,  a church celebrating creativity as a spiritual path. 

Allyson Grey is an artist whose paintings have been exhibited and sold internationally. Grey is a community leader with a Master of Fine Arts. She has edited and co-authored over a dozen books and journals, lectured widely, and has been an educator and muse to artists for over 30 years.  The symbol system in her paintings represent an essentialized world-view comprised of chaos, order and secret writing.  Allyson is the wife and partner of  Alex Grey, and the mother of accomplished film actress Zena Grey. 





The CoSM Shop and Cafe will be open.

Rooms are available for rent in our fully renovated Victorian Mansion.

Many originals and reproductions of Alex & Allyson Grey's artwork are on display in the guest house.

CoSM, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, 46 Deer Hill Road, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590 - click here for directions.


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