Visionary Salon: Mysteries of the Forgotten Civilization


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Visionary Salon: Mysteries of the Forgotten Civilization:

Evidence for Late Ice Age Civilization and the Solar Event that Destroyed It
with Dr. Robert Schoch

Saturday, July 11th, 2015     3pm - 10pm

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3 pm - Doors open
3 pm - 6 pm - Afternoon Session – From Egypt to Indonesia: Evidence for Sophisticated Civilization at the end of the Last Ice Age, over 12000 years ago
6 pm - 7 pm - Break for dinner. CoSM's Mushroom Cafe will have food, drinks and snacks available for purchase
7 pm - 10 pm - Evening presentation Presentation – Solar Outbursts: The Collapse of Early Civilizations at the End of the Last Ice Age, Cycles of Change, and the Implications for Humanity Today

Mysteries of the Forgotten Civilization:
Evidence for Late Ice Age Civilization and the Solar Event that Destroyed It

For a quarter century Dr. Robert Schoch has been exploring the enduring mysteries of extremely ancient civilizations. During this event he will first review his groundbreaking work recasting the date of the Great Sphinx, supported by his recent studies of the 12,000-year-old site of Göbekli Tepe in Turkey, his latest research at Gunung Padang in Indonesia, and his reassessment of the indigenous culture of Easter Island – all of which confirm that true civilization dates back to the end of the last ice age. But the advanced civilizations of circa 10,000 BCE did not last – in fact, they all but totally disappeared in a flash.

Robert Schoch with his wife, Catherine Ulissey, standing with a moai on Easter Island, in Cappadocia, Turkey, and with “Urfa Man” (sculpture from the same period as Göbekli Tepe), Urfa Museum, Turkey.

Why? In the second session of the event, Dr. Schoch will explain his reinterpretation of the mysterious rongorongo texts of Easter Island, connecting the message of the glyphs to cutting-edge research in plasma physics, combined with a plethora of geological data (including detailed analyses of ice cores and sediments cores), which elucidate the cataclysms that occurred. Solar outbursts and plasma discharges brought about the rapid end of the last ice age and the demise of the early civilizations of that remote period. Pockets of survivors escaped by literally going underground, as attested by the caves and subterranean cities in the Cappadocia region of Anatolia and elsewhere. Humanity was thrown into a solar-induced dark age (SIDA) which lasted thousands of years before the re-emergence of civilization circa 4000 to 3000 BCE. Plato’s legend of Atlantis and many other ancient myths are confirmed. There have been, and will continue to be, cycles of civilization driven by natural events beyond our control. The implications for our modern society are profound.



Dr. Robert M. Schoch, a full-time faculty member at the College of General Studies at Boston University since 1984, earned his Ph.D. (1983) in Geology and Geophysics at Yale University. He also holds an M.S. and M.Phil. in Geology and Geophysics from Yale, as well as degrees in Anthropology (B.A.) and Geology (B.S.) from George Washington University.

In the early 1990s, Dr. Schoch stunned the world with his revolutionary research that recast the date of the Great Sphinx of Egypt to a period thousands of years earlier than its standard attribution. In demonstrating that the leonine monument has been heavily eroded by water despite the fact that its location on the edge of the Sahara has endured hyper-arid climactic conditions for the past 5,000 years, Schoch revealed to the world that mankind’s history is greater and older than previously believed. More recently Dr. Schoch has determined the astronomical cause of the demise of antediluvian civilizations, which he describes in his book Forgotten Civilization: The Role of Solar Outbursts in Our Past and Future, along with the scientific and archaeological evidence that supports his conclusions.

Dr. Schoch has been quoted extensively in the media for his work on ancient cultures and monuments across the globe, including Egypt, Turkey, Bosnia, Romania, England, Wales, Scotland, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Chile (Easter Island), Indonesia, and Japan. His research has been instrumental in spurring renewed attention to the interrelationships between geological and astronomical phenomena, natural catastrophes, and the early history of civilization. Dr. Schoch has appeared on numerous radio and television shows and is featured in the Emmy-winning documentary The Mystery of the Sphinx, which first aired on NBC in 1993. He is a sought-after speaker for national and international conferences.

Robert Schoch at Gunung Padang, West Java, Indonesia.


The author and coauthor of books both technical and popular, Dr. Schoch’s works include Phylogeny Reconstruction in Paleontology (1986), Stratigraphy: Principles and Methods (1989), Voices of the Rocks: A Scientist Looks at Catastrophes and Ancient Civilizations (1999), Voyages of the Pyramid Builders: The True Origins of the Pyramids from Lost Egypt to Ancient America (2003), Pyramid Quest: Secrets of the Great Pyramid and the Dawn of Civilization (2005), and The Parapsychology Revolution: A Concise Anthology of Paranormal and Psychical Research (2008). Dr. Schoch is also the coauthor of an environmental science textbook used in universities across the United States, and he has contributed to numerous magazines, journals, and reviews on geology, parapsychology, and ancient civilizations. His works have been translated into a number of languages and distributed around the world. His most recent book is Forgotten Civilization: The Role of Solar Outbursts in Our Past and Future (2012), published by Inner Traditions.

Robert Schoch’s website, including links to upcoming tours of ancient sites that he will be hosting: 

Dr. Robert Schoch presenting at CoSM, June 2014.

Endorsement of Forgotten Civilization: The Role of Solar Outbursts in Our Past and Future

“Schoch is a true scientist, following the data wherever it leads, heedless of political pressures or worn-out paradigms. Twenty-two years ago, his redating of the Sphinx launched the New Archaeology. Forgotten Civilization distills all that has happened since into a simple conclusion: that solar activity ended the last cycle of high culture and may destroy ours in turn. Schoch is no scaremonger, no hawker of a pet theory. What we do with this knowledge is up to us, but once digested, it changes everything.” - Joscelyn Godwin, Ph.D., senior faculty member at Colgate University


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