The Artist's Journey Workshop with Aloria Weaver and David Heskin





The Artist's Journey: Drawing Forth Visions of Transformation

 with Aloria Weaver and David Heskin

October 27th- 30th, 2015

Workshop - $250

Registration Price - $315 (meals included)

Early Bird - $215 (first 5 signups)


In this multi-day workshop, Aloria Weaver and David Heskin will guide students through a mythological journey of their own mystical inner landscapes. By identifying personal triumphs through the lens of the hero’s journey, the artist becomes connected to an eternal story, becoming one with the cosmos and its unfolding drama.

Beginning with a storyboard of significant autobiographical moments, a series of scenes emerge which can be overlaid to create a singular composite scene that traverses time and takes on deeper meaning than the individual concepts. Through numerous stages of sketching and drawing, each participant will generate and combine images to develop a meta-image based on their personal story. Making symbolic connections between imagery, geometry and color, the artist is able to convey specific moods and concepts through multiple subtle aspects of interface with the viewer.

Vega by David Heskin, and Relativity by Aloria Weaver and David Heskin

In this workshop, each student will produce:
-A storyboard of positively impactful scenes from their life story, with accompanying written material
-A graphite sketch integrating and overlaying numerous scenes from the storyboard
-A colored drawing based on the preliminary sketch

The finished drawing can be used as the basis for a painting, digital artwork or as a tool for contemplation. This process of generating imagery and creative content can be utilized to fit any situation which transforms concepts into visuals.

This workshop empowers artists with a method that dives deep into their inner authentic expression.


Aloria Weaver was born in 1979 in upstate New York.  She began oil painting at the age of 14 as an apprentice to several professional artists at the Buffalo Art Studios of WNY.  She studied at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, then SUNY at Buffalo.  In addition to the Fine Arts, Weaver later discovered a natural aptitude for the Healing Arts and became licensed as a Massage Therapist through the New York Institute of Massage in 2003.  She is also a Reiki-Master, and practitioner of Craniosacral Therapy I.

In 2013, Aloria Weaver was among the first instructors at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art in Austria.  There she taught the Mischtechnik, which is a process of painting with tempera and oil glazes that was thought to be the secret method of the Italian Renaissance masters, and later revived by Viennese artist, Professor Ernst Fuchs.

Aloria teaching students in Vienna.                                                     Sahasrara by Aloria Weaver

After working as co-curator for several small galleries in NY, Weaver relocated to Seattle in 2005, where she met artist, David Heskin.  The two began collaborating together and were later married in 2010.  Along with Heskin, Weaver is a co-founder of the cultural arts organization, Art Spirit Now; the collaborative arts collective, Dreaming Co:nexus; and most recently, the Colorado Alliance of Visionary Artists.


Four Angels of the Apocalypse by David Heskin and Aloria Weaver


A Colorado native, David Heskin is an oil painter who looks to the beauty of the natural world for inspiration, in its infinitely subtle and intricate patterns.  Forms in nature become a language expressing the geometry of consciousness at every scale. The spirit of innovation found in nature guides Heskin’s approach to art.  His geometrical and 3-dimensional canvases have propelled his art to new depths, as these paintings transport the viewer into an intriguing interactive experience.  His discovery and instruction of the Mana Prima technique has opened doors to new avenues of expression for hundreds of artists.  Heskin is an instructor at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art.  His art and writing have appeared in numerous publications, including book cover artwork for The First Manifesto of Visionary Art by Laurence Caruana.

David Heskin and his wife Aloria Weaver live and work in Loveland, Colorado, where they are opening a painting studio and gallery in the autumn of 2014.


Angel's Trumpet and Namastesis, by David Heskin


"7 Chakras", by Aloria Weaver

Arrival Day 

Please arrive by 4pm on Tuesday. Dinner will be served at 6pm.

Intro Session
7-10pm -Group Introductions, Slideshow Presentation & Discussion

We’ll begin the workshop with a slideshow presentation and group discussion of contemporary and historical artworks that integrate numerous layers of symbolic imagery to create deeper significance and meaning.

Day 1  - Wednesday, October 28th

Session 1
10am-1pm -Opening Circle : Mythologizing the Process of Art

Through writing and drawing, artists will create a storyboard of their own personal artist/heroes journey consisting of a minimum of 3 unique scenes of personalized peak moments and significant turning points.

Students will reflect upon transformative moments and cathartic experiences in their own lives, drawing symbols and scenes which transmit a triumphant evolutionary leap contained within their personal experiences. Identifying personal trials with those of various mythic archetypal entities, the artist begins to merge their story with those of the archaic heroes of mythology.

Session 2
2:30-5pm -Integration of numerous scenes and symbols into a single image

Once the artist has cultivated number of sketches of peak experiences, we will begin to overlay and integrate seemingly unrelated events into a meta-narrative. This sketching phase creates new connections between distant concepts, revealing their similarities.

Combining multiple scenes of personal importance, the artist brings viewers into a time-based storyline contained within a single image.

Session 3
7-10pm (optional)

This session will be used to finalize the sketch, with a primary focus on the clarity of the narrative and the relationships between the various elements in the meta-image. Artists will draw and write down any insights generated through the process, including the impact of this pilgrimage to CoSM.

Revelation of the Temporal Tapestry, by Aloria Weaver and David Heskin


Day 2  - Thursday, October 29th

Session 1
10am-1pm -Slideshow presentation and discussion: The Symbolic Use of Color in Art and Culture

Designs from Day 1 will be drawn onto a dark background using colored pencils or pastels. The emphasis here is on a symbolic, rather than a realistic, usage of color, the application of which conveys even further depth of meaning among the compiled image relationships.

Session 2
2:30-5pm -Developing an image of personal empowerment

Students will use this session to refine their color drawings, adding as much light, color and detail as desired.

Session 3
7-10pm (optional) -Finishing drawings, contemplation & collaboration

Ultimately the color drawing can be utilized as reference material for a painting, or as a tool for inward meditation. Students will have the chance to reflect upon the drawings created by the group, offering their pure reflections upon the art with no direct context for the intended meaning. Often, a viewer may perceive layers of meaning that the artist had not anticipated, resulting in greater insight for the artist and the development of the piece.

Artists will also have the chance to relax and engage in a collaborative drawing exercise.

Departure Day 

Final Session
10am-1pm -Closing circle and sharing the art as a group

Artists will reflect upon the process and share any discoveries that emerged through their writing and drawing. Finally, the group will discuss the application of this narrative method of image creation for visionary art and other avenues of artistic communication.

Unio Mystica, by Aloria Weaver


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