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Highschool Biology Lab 2014-2015

09/12/2014 09:00 AM - 03/13/2015 02:30 PM ET
Event Registration is closed.


Creation Discovery Museum
Building Number: .
2701 W. Cypress Creek Rd
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

When: Fridays from 9:00 am— 2:30
Location: Creation Discovery Museum
Ages: 9th—12th Grade (ages 14-17)


CSI will offer a college preparatory biological lab for high school students. This is an extensive laboratory science course and will expose the student to a variety of laboratory techniques. An emphasis is placed on inquiry and analysis as well as the learning of important facts and concepts. Extensive lab work offers students an excellent preparation for college courses. Comparative anatomy is the study of anatomical traits across groups of organisms. This course will be presented from a Creation perspective. Students will be involved in identifying and understanding how different systems work in organisms. One can search for similarities and for patterns in these similarities, but similarities are not evolution. They are rather a representation of a Divine Designer.

There is still much discovery to be indentified in the life science field right now, there is nothing so important as the laboratory work. Our students may be good memorizers and test takers, but science is much more than a listing of facts. Lab work elicits the “wow!”, the “I wonder what would happen when. . .”, and the “my results only make sense if. . .” that mark great experimental endeavors. Lab work teaches skills, patience, ingenuity, and perseverance. It forces students to think logically about experimental design and makes them practice deduction and make connections to information in all parts of their experience. Serendipitously, the rules of a good study in science spill over into those investigations we all make in our everyday personal lives. Including lab work in the curriculum requires much time, effort, and expense, but it is perhaps THE most essential element of an excellent program.

All six classes must be completed for a certificate of completion. This program will provide a total of 30 hours of college preparatory biology lab. There will be $25.00 Lab book fee which will be provided in the first class. Each student must bring their lab book to each class for the remainder of the program. The course will be taught by Dr. Scott McOwen, Veterinarian. His love for Creation and animals is evident in his teaching. Your child will be very blessed with his instruction and the knowledge through his eyes is priceless.



1. Intro to Microscopes & Dissections: Grasshopper, Crawfish, & Butterfly (Friday: Sept 12)
2. Invertebrate Dissection: Worm, Starfish, & Squid (Friday: Oct 10)
3. Vertebrate Dissection: Perch & Frog (Friday: Nov 14)


4. Comparative Anatomy I: Heart, Eye, & Kidney (Friday: Jan. 16)
5. Comparative Anatomy II: Brain & Dog Fish (Friday: Feb 13)
6. Final: Fetal Pig (Friday: March 13)

Early Registration Fee:
$250 per year. Pay by July 31st

$50.00 per topic (1 Full Day)
$150.00 per semester (3 Full Days)
$300 per year (6 Full Days)
(Food not included. Bring your own lunch bag)

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