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Freedom From Evolution in Our Schools


Stop the Teaching of Evolution!! Act Today!
Letter From the Director's Desk

The lie of evolution has not only made its way into our classrooms, but it is now imbedded everywhere in our text books and endorsed in the National Science Standards advancing the atheistic agenda in every way. Evolution poses itself as science and this so far from the truth. Evolutionists have self-imposed license to present evolution as absolute fact not allowing or even questioning alternative view points of origins. According reliable documented surveys we see why there are such rigid attitudes for the dogmatic teaching of naturalistic evolution. These national surveys revealed that the majority of the scientific community tends to lean towards agnosticism and atheism. Unfortunately, they have a large input to our national and state standards of education and of course, they pose as experts who take solely a naturalistic view point of origins. With much energy they oppose Intelligent Design or Creation because it defies their belief of evolution. On the contrary, the same reliable national surveys point to the logical conclusions that the majority of Americans favor the presence of an Intelligent Designer or a Creator. Then why does evolution remain in our schools?

The answer is brainwashing which is best defined with one of the Nazis famous quotes, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it”  Today this is exemplified in our schools as the next generation are told over and over again that evolution is scientific fact. This can’t keep going on and on. It needs to be challenged immediately. There are so many innocent minds and souls being indoctrinated with the dangerous deception of evolution that takes away the dignity of man and the foundational structure of an absolute law giver. If we don’t stand up for truth and righteousness, who will?  Please consider following Dr. Connor leadership who has true concern for next generation and give your input to the Florida Department of Education on the “Next Generation of Science Standards” by Saturday, June 29, 2013. It is your right to make comments and let’s exercise that right by following Dr. Connors directions. Let’s help stop the teaching of evolution. We need your help.
“If the foundations are destroyed, What can the righteous do?” Psalms 11:3
Tom DeRosa


Freedom From Evolution in Our Schools
Speak up. Make a Difference.

Greetings, I am Dr. James Connor working along with Creation Studies Institute. If you are not happy with our public schools teaching our children that they came from monkeys then go to  http://www.cpalms.org/homepage/index.aspx. The  Florida Department of Education opens the public record once every five years for input into their Next Generation of Science Standards. Saturday, June 29 is the last day to give your online input. To make a difference it is imperative to include that Evolution endorses a belief system linked with  Atheist teaching and should be taught in comparative religion class, not science class.

 [*]      On   http://www.cpalms.org/homepage/index.aspx  a smiley sunshine symbol will appear.  Click on "Click here to participate>>".

[*]      On the subsequent page it simply asks "Which of the following best describes your role in terms of education (teacher, student, parent, business, other)".

[*]      On the same page it asks, "Your district of residence?" You pick your county or other. Following this, all the grades are listed.  Evolutionary thinking is especially taught in middle and high school.

[*]      Click on grade 6-8 and scroll down to section MS-LS4 Biological Evolution. Be sure to click "I disagree" at the end of the standard and you are  given a space for comments.

[*]      Repeat this for Grades 9-12 scrolling down to HS-LS4 Biological Evolution, click "I disagree" & comment.

[*]      At the bottom of the page "Final Recommendations and Comments" you have an opportunity to click "Do Not Accept" the proposed standards and are given a 300 word limit to conclude your comments (if you are pressed for time just doing this  Final Recommendation and Comments section is quickest and easiest).

[*]      After typing your comment please copy it.

[*]      Then press "Submit Form". Next you will see, "Submission complete.  Thank you! "

Please paste the  copy of your comment to me at  conner3144@bellsouth.net so we may pursue this with the state science department.

Cheers and thank you for your time and help,

Dr. James Connor

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