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Flight Offer
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We would like to make this DVD available to you for a donation of $35.00. It will help us continue the work of exposing the lie of evolution with its devastating effects on our culture. More importantly, these resources supply the ammunition that destroys the lie of evolution, removing this tremendous obstacle that denies our Messiah as Creator and Savior. We need your support as we move forward in this crucial battle.

FLIGHT: The Genius of Birds

FLIGHT is highlighted by technical and artistic excellence comparable to the BBC’s Planet Earth and the Academy Award winning March of the Penguins.  Photographed in North America, Peru, England, Greenland and Antarctica, the film combines stunning images and computer animation with cutting-edge research and an original musical score to celebrate birds and their incomparable ability to live in the skies.

FLIGHT is a unique wildlife documentary.  An exploration of the animal kingdom from a perspective ignored by television and the scientific establishment. For instead of presenting a worldview based upon the blind, undirected process of Darwinian evolution, FLIGHT offers a compelling look at the design and purpose woven throughout the fabric of life on Earth.  


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