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Created Cosmos
Created Cosmos
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This text investigates what the Bible has to say about astronomical objects and phenomena. The Bible contains many mentions of astronomical things, beginning with creation and concluding with end-time prophecies. Besides the sun and moon, the Bible names groups of stars, Orion, the Pleiades, and the bears. In addition to what the biblical record shows about astronomical phenomena, many people think that it teaches things that it actually does not teach. These concepts are examined in depth as well.

    Unique among books discussing the intersection of biblical text and astronomy because of the range of questions explored and answered
    definitive work that explores many popular questions and misconceptions about the universe and the Bible
    Sorts fact from fiction and truth from popular myths as the true purpose of these enigmatic lights in the night sky are revealed


Table of Contents

    Part 1: Astronomical Concepts in the Bible: What Scripture Plainly Teaches about Astronomy
        1. Biblical Theology and the Study of Astronomy
        2. Biblical Teachings about the Heavens and the Earth
        3. Biblical Teachings about the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars
        4. Biblical Teachings about the Purpose of the Heavenly Bodies
        5. Biblical Teachings about and Warnings against Astrology
    Part 2: Astronomical Anomalies in the Bible: What Scripture Says about Unusual Astronomical Events
        6. The Unusual Days of Joshua and Hezekiah
        7. The “Christmas Star” of Matthew 2
        8. Astronomical Aspects of Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday
        9. Astronomical Aspects of Prophetic Literature and the End Times
    Part 3: Astronomical Questions and the Bible: How Scripture Confronts Recent Questions about Astronomy
        10. Does the Bible Teach the Year Was Once 360 Days Long?
        11. Does the Bible Refute the Light-Travel-Time Problem?
        12. Does the Bible Address the Idea of Extraterrestrial Life?
    Part 4: Astronomy and Distortions of the Bible: Misconceptions of What Scripture Teaches about Astronomy
        13. The Errors of Flat-Earth Cosmology and Geocentrism
        14. The Gospel in the Stars: Introduction and Alleged Basis
        15. The Gospel in the Stars: Assumptions and Some Difficulties
        16. The Gospel in the Stars: Additional Problems and Conclusions
    Subject Index
    Scripture Index



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