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Universe by Design
Universe by Design
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Universe by Design
by Danny Faulkner


Some astronomers look at the stars and planets through a telescope. Author Danny Faulkner views them through a biblical perspective in this unique book. Written for the well-read layman from high school through adult, Universe by Design explores and explains the historical development of this science, including current ideas in the field. From a creationist standpoint, Faulkner also addresses common misconceptions, difficulties, and critiques about relativity and cosmology.

This book would be an excellent supplement to any home school curriculum. Includes: • Contributions of Ptolemy, Galileo, Brahe, Newton, Hubble, Einstein, and other famous scientists to the field of cosmology • Many diagrams and illustrations • Theories and facts on the origin and expansion of the universe • Thorough discussion of the big bang and the problems with it • Many examples and analogies to help understand concepts of cosmology God’s awesome power is reflected in every star and planet in the universe around us!

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