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Creation: The Key To Dynamic Witnessing
Creation: The Key To Dynamic Witnessing
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Creation: The Key To Dynamic Witnessing
Featuring Dr. Carl Wieland

The most important and far-reaching, foundational battle for the faith we are facing today is on origins. Have we evolved from primordial ooze or are we the result of special creation? And what is the impact on society and culture?

This compelling presentation unveils the mystery of why so many people belive in evolution, and presents the scientific evidence for a straightfordward understanding of the book of Genesis. Presented live to over 2,000 students in South Africa's university town of Stellenbosh, dozens of lives were changed on the evening. This information has opened the eyes of thousands to a new understanding. The " facts" don' tspeack for themselves- they are always interpreted according the a belief system. Which one makes more sense?

Dr. Carl Wieland has degrees in medicine and surgery, has been involved in the creation debate as a speaker and writer since the 1970s. He founded CMI's internationally renowned Creation magazine now in over 140 countries.

Duration: 57 mins.

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