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After Eden
Type:  Adult
Price: $12.99  $5.00  $7.99 off
Christian Education for the Real World
Type:  Adult
Price: $10.99  $5.00  $5.99 off
Did God Create in 6 Days
Type:  Adult
Price: $26.99  $5.00  $21.99 off
Books      View All
Chistianity for Skeptics
Price: $16.99
Price: $16.99
Evidences for Creation (Updated)
Type:  Adult
Price: $6.99
Evolution's Achilles' Heels Book
Price: $13.99
Jesus Unmasked
Price: $14.99
Questioning Cosmos
Price: $9.99
World Religions and Cults Vol. 1
Price: $15.99
DVDs      View All
Dragons Or Dinosaurs DVD
Type:  Adult
Price: $19.99  $14.99  25% off
Price: $19.99  $17.99  10% off
Great Ice Age
Price: $19.99  $16.99  $3.00 off
Children's Books      View All
Adam and Family
Type:  Children
Price: $9.99
Buddy Davis Cool Critters
Type:  Children
Price: $13.99
Dinosaurs For Kids
Type:  Children
Price: $14.99
Flood of Noah
Price: $18.99  $16.99  $2.00 off
$2.00 off
Giants: Legends & Lore of Goliaths
Price: $18.99
Secrets of Ancient Man
Price: $16.99
Children's DVDs      View All
Explore the Grand Canyon
Price: $14.99
Explore Yosemite Zion National Parks
Type:  Educational
Price: $14.99  $13.00  $1.99 off
Wild Brothers
Price: $12.00
Curriculum      View All
Type:  Educational
Price: $12.99
Ecology Book
Type:  Jr. High
Price: $15.99
Universe by Design
Type:  Curriculum
Price: $13.99
Material Kits (ITP Curriculum)      View All
Forces and Motion: Material Kit
Price: $39.99
Matter: Material Kit
Price: $39.99
Energy: Material Kit
Price: $59.99
Spanish      View All
New Answers Book 2 (Spanish)
Price: $12.99
One Blood (Spanish)
Type:  Adult
Price: $10.99
The Lie (Spanish)
Type:  Adult
Price: $7.99
Offer from Director's Letters - Donate and Receive      View All
Evolution's Achilles' Heels Book & DVD
Price: $27.00
HD Episode 1: The Origin of the Universe
Price: $35.00
HD Episode 1, 2, & 3
Price: $50.00
Refracted Glory DVD
Price: $35.00
One Generation Away Offer
Price: $35.00
Living Waters DVD
Price: $35.00
Combo Deals      View All
Astronomy: Book and DVD Pack
Price: $69.99
Bugs Combo: Book & DVD
Price: $27.99
World Religions and Cults, plus Free DVD
Price: $15.99
Operation Salt Pamphlets      View All
Horse Series Pamphlets
Type:  Educational
Price: $0.20
Paintings      View All
Noahs Ark Painting
Type:  Painting
Price: $49.99  $34.99  30% off
T-Shirt      View All
Great Flood T-Shirt
Type:  T-Shirt
Price: $9.99

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