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Why I Believe
Why I Believe
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Why I believe
by Dr. D. James Kennedy

The Bible admonishes us to "be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you." Questions from sincere seekers and challenges from unbelievers confront us everywhere.

Why I Believe supplies ample ammunition for our defense. Dr. D. James Kennedy, from his lifetime of study, provides undeniable evidence for the basic tenets of our faith.

This book is a compellingly powerful declaration of what Christians believe and why. Whether you are a new believer or a longtime Christian who wants to deepen your own understanding of the integral questions of your faith, Why I believe will prove to be an extraordinary resource to strengthen the foundation of your faith.

Learn why you believe in:
1. The Bible
2. God
3. Heaven
4. Hell
5. Moral Absolutes
6. Christ
7. The Resurrection
8. Christianity
9. The Virgin Birth
10. The Second Birth
11. The Holy Spirit
12. The Return of Christ


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