A Closer Look At The Evidence
A Closer Look At The Evidence
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A Closer Look at the Evidence
By Richard Tina Kleiss

A Closer Look at the Evidence offers awesome evidence, primarily scientific, for the existence of our Creator. Arranged in an enjoyable devotional format, this 408 page book starts each day with yet another reason to trust God’s word. It is organized into 26 different subject areas and draws from over 50 expert sources. Each page highlights awe-inspiring examples of God’s incredible handiwork.


This book was primarily written to strengthen your faith. It will enable you to learn and share the credible reasons for your belief in the Creator. It's an excellent resource for a friend or relative who is struggling with the existence of God. Answers questions such as:

  • How does our stomach digest food without digesting itself? Did God use millions of years to create?
  • What animal can change its skin color and disappear into a striped or dotted background?
  • Who showed up in Jerusalem claiming to be God on the exact day predicted over 400 years earlier?
  • Why is the Bible the most credible book known to man?



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