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Of Man And Beast
Of Man And Beast
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Of Man and Beast DVD

How has Darwin's philosophy transformed the way men view one another?

Out of the abundance of the heart come man's actions. His desire for an existence far away from the law of God has guided societies since his fall in the Garden of Eden. And though ancient history records atrocities perpetrated by men from all cultures, the twentieth century has been the bloodiest in the history of the world.

Join Professor and Historian John Eidsmoe, Pastor Mark Liddle, and Doctors Lance Radbill and William McKenzie, as they travel through the labyrinth of man's depravity and discover how the recent philosophy of Neo-Darwinian evolution and its guiding mechanism Natural Selection, or "survival of the fittest," has transformed the way men view one another. Specifically - Eugenics.

We will discover the history of this practice, and though it began well before Darwin, the advent of Darwin's theory gave the implementation of eugenics "scientific credibility."
Man no longer views his fellow man as made in the image of God, which has unleashed mankind’s wrath upon the weakest members of our society.

Running Time: 90 Minutes


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