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The Image of God DVD
The Image of God DVD
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The Image of God
Human Origins: Creation or Evolution?

A tree dwelling, hairy creature with a long tail and pointed ears…That’s how Charles Darwin imagined our ancestors. We visit the Hall of Fame of some notorious ape-men, including Piltdown Man, Homo habilis and Homo erectus. In London, Dr. Chris Stringer at the Natural History Museum and Dr. Fred Spoor discuss evolutionist views of human origins. But creationists have a different understanding. The Genesis model of repopulation after a recent global flood is presented by Dr. Sigrid Hartwig-Scherer and Dr. Marvin Lubenow. They claim the supposed "ape-men" are either true humans or extinct apes.  We examine the Genesis model of re-population after a recent global flood. A step-by-step look at the key evidences for alleged human evolution.

The evolutionist views are discussed by Dr Chris Stringer and Dr Fred Spoor, and the creationist presentations are by Dr Sigrid Hartwig-Scherer and Dr Marvin Lubenow. (High School–Adult) 28 mins

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