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Origins in the Modern World Offer
Origins in the Modern World Offer
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For a gift of at least $35, you will not only receive two great resources, but will enable CSI to keep serving as a voice for Truth and to continue standing against the tide of evolution, relative morality and godlessness that is so rampant in our nation. If you value what we do, please contribute to our work today and kindly remember us also in your prayers. Thank you, and may God bless you!

One Human Family: The Bible, Science, Race & Culture
Carl Wieland

A wide-ranging and immensely readable exploration of our diverse humanity. Whether it's language, genes, the effect of various religions on culture and economics–even such 'hot potatoes' as slavery, affirmative action, IQ/race and indigenous problems–One Human Family sidesteps political correctness to paint a truly fascinating 'big picture', while highlighting the real-world trustworthiness of the Bible.

“Dr. Wieland has clearly done his homework; although I have spent almost three decades researching the subject of racism and evolution, he has managed to come up with much new material. No advocate of the single causation theory, Dr. Wieland covers the many social and economic factors that influence racism in his well–reasoned and balanced approach. He also covers the science of genetics in such a way that a layperson can follow, yet informs and adds insight to keep a professional interested in his writing.”

“In short, it is superb!!”

Jerry Bergman, Ph.D., is a biologist, social scientist and US college professor who holds 9 degrees (7 of them graduate degrees).

378 pages with full-color Illustrations

Origins in the Modern World: Why it Matters DVD
Featuring Dr. Carl Wieland

Society is crumbling all around us—and it is increasingly harder to penetrate with the gospel message. Why? This powerful message takes the lid off the most deadly spiritual battle of our time—the authority of the Bible, the real issue in the origins debate.
There are many who tell us that origins is just a "side issue" for Christians. Dr. Carl Wieland shows clearly the deleterious implications for church and society when the Bible's "big picture" of origins is sidelined in any culture. He also unravels some common misconceptions about "science" versus "religion".

Audience: High School–Adult  | Length: 60 mins

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