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Henry Morris Study Bible & Case for Creator DVD
Henry Morris Study Bible & Case for Creator DVD
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Henry Morris Study Bible

Dr. Henry M. Morris

The Henry Morris Study Bible is “an invaluable tool for the defense of the Christian faith” according to Dr. John MacArthur. With over 10,000 study notes, no other resource offers the comprehensive analysis of biblical creation and authority of Scripture as this one presents. 

The written Word of God is under attack in our culture like never before. The annotations of this King James Version of the Bible will:

  • explain the Bible’s difficult passages
  • resolve its alleged contradictions
  • point out the evidences of its divine origin
  • confirm its historical accuracy
  • note its remarkable anticipations of modern science
  • remove any doubts about its inerrancy, authority and ability to meet every human need.

This 2,215 page uses a 10 point font and a two column format making it easy to read. Inside you will also find the Words of Christ in red, 22 total appendices, full color maps and a concordance. The hard cover offers an noble and gentle design that both men and women will find attractive. The professional smyth-sewn binding gives this reference tool a life that will span generations.

Dr. Henry Morris is known as the father of modern Creation science, the founder of Institute for Creation Research (ICR) and the author of many well known apologetic books. His thriving legacy continues to equip Christians to be able to defend the accuracy and authority of Scripture today.

61/2 x 9 • 2215 Pages • Casebound

Case for Creator DVD
By Illustra Media

Join Lee Strobel on his personal journey from atheism to faith in God. Watch how his road to atheism was paved by science... but, ironically, so was his later journey to God. In The Case for a Creator DVD, Strobel reexamines the theories that once led him away from God. In this remarkable 60 minutes film you will encounter the mind-stretching discoveries from cosmology, modern biology, DNA research, astronomy, physics, and human consciousness. Produced with spectacular computer animations.



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