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What Hath Darwin Wrought? And Fatal Fruit
What Hath Darwin Wrought? And Fatal Fruit
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What Hath Darwin Wrought?
Todd Friel

“What Hath Darwin Wrought?” is a TV special that investigates the shocking history of “social Darwinism” in America and Europe, including the eugenics crusade against the “unfit,” the euthanasia movement, Nazi genocide, and current efforts to devalue the lives of the handicapped. Hosted by Todd Friel, the program features Discovery Institute Senior Fellows David Berlinski, author of The Devil’s Delusion and The Deniable Darwin; John West, author of Darwin Day in America; and historian Richard Weikart, author of From Darwin to Hitler.

The documentary explores such questions as:


  •    What impact has Darwin's theory had on society and culture during the past century?
  •    Is "social Darwinism" a logical application of Darwin’s theory, or an outrageous perversion of it?
  •    Is it fair to talk about the social consequences of Darwinian evolution, or is it a cheap shot?

"The standard refrain today is that social Darwinism had nothing to do with either Charles Darwin or his biological theory," says Dr. John West, whose work is highlighted in the documentary. "But ideas have consequences, and it’s clear that Darwin himself understood that fact. I think many viewers will be surprised when they learn just how closely Darwin’s own views are connected to the rise of social Darwinism—and just how much of a continuing impact social Darwinism has on Darwin’s followers today."

Use “What Hath Darwin Wrought” in your small group, school, or adult education class! Download this FREE discussion and study guide containing discussion questions, biographies of the experts interviewed, and the sources of the quotations used in the documentary.

Running Time: 2 DVDs

-Disk 1 contains the expanded 80-minute documentary “What Hath Darwin Wrought.”

-Disk 2 includes more than 100 minutes of additional interviews with David Berlinski, Richard Weikart, and John West hosted by Todd Friel.


Evolution's Fatal Fruit
by Tom DeRosa

Evolution's Fatal Fruit presents a close look at Charles Darwin and the grim consequences to which his theory of evolution has led. A Cambridge divinity graduate with a penchant for natural science, Darwin gave the world an explanation of life that helped fuel the ovens at Auschwitz. Author Tom DeRosa explains how Hitler tried to use genocide to speed up evolution and reveals how the American eugenics movement—which favored forced sterilization to cleanse the gene pool—is likewise indebted to Darwin.


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