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Evolution: The Fossils STILL Say No
Evolution: The Fossils STILL Say No
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Evolution: The Fossil Still Say No!
by Duane T. Gish

"This sequel to Dr. Gish's influential book Evolution: the Fossils Say No! (first published in 1973) is now bigger and better than ever! If the fossil record denied evolution 25 years ago when he was gathering material for that first book, the past quarter century of further discovery (over 300 debates with evolutionary scientists, and extensive further study and research), has made the case against evolution stronger than ever.

This new book, emphasizing emphatically that the fossils STILL say No to evolution, is thoroughly documented and up to date. Evolutionists may invent "just-so" stories, but they have been completely unsuccessful at showing any scientific evidence for macro-evolution, in the all-important fossil record. This book demonstrates that fact compellingly!

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