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Genesis Record, The
Genesis Record, The
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The Genesis Record
By Henry M Morris

The Genesis Record is a scientific devotional commentary on the book of beginnings written by a creationist scientist. This book is written in the narrative rather than a verse-by-verse analysis form.

Dr. Morris writes from the conviction that the first eleven chapters of Genesis are as truly historical as the remaining thiry-nine. This conviction is not based simply on faith, but on many years of study of the scientific aspects of the Genesis record as well as the interchange of ideas with many other scientists and theologians (both creationists and evolutionists). Dr. Morris’s logic is compelling in its affirmation of a young earth and universe; he advocates a tight chronology in his exposition. His commentary on the worldwide Noahic Flood reflects his expertise in hydrology and geology. Genesis is foundational to Christianity. This book is a must for your library!

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