Sins of The Fathers
Sins of The Fathers
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This book is a must have for every believer! The Bible teaches that there are three kinds of sin: Sin = to miss the mark; Transgression = to willingly disobey God; and Iniquity – which is generational sin that’s been passed down. The Bible says that the iniquity of the fathers would be passed down to the third and fourth generations. When you become a Christian your spirit is baptized into a new family, but your flesh can still operate under the generational curses of your bloodline.

In this book, Bishop Foreman lays the ground work to understanding what a generational curse is and how they can effect believers that are unaware of them. 90% of the issues that most people deal with are related to their father or the absence thereof. The enemy has strategically removed the fathers out of many homes because children receive their identity from their father. Why has the enemy devoted so much time trying to hinder your family? It’s not because you all are so messed up, it’s because there’s so much destiny and purpose in them that the he wants to stop.  If you don’t interrupt the generational curses that have been operating in your life, you could end up rejecting your destiny. We’ll identify the familiar spirits or certain patterns of behavior that are common to certain families.  

Bishop deals with discerning and destroying those destructive spirits that have been operating in your family and when you finish this book you will be fully equipped to identify, battle, and overcome every generational curse in your bloodline. It’s time to stop blocking the blessing! God made up His mind about you. He’s blessed you and He won’t take it back! Find out what the blessing is and how to see it manifest in your life now! There’s a generational blessing stored up in your bloodline and learn how to access it with this riveting, ground breaking, and intentionally shocking book , Sins of the Fathers!

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