Harvest Fellowship of Churches Membership
Harvest Fellowship of Churches Membership
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Type: Harvest Fellowship of Churches
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Harvest Fellowship of Churches Membership


Churches and pastors across America & around the world of all sizes & denominational affiliations look to Bishop Foreman & Harvest as a model of excellent & effective ministry and as a result desire to fellowship with Bishop Foreman & Harvest for leadership in seeing their mission & vision fulfilled to reach more people and change more lives.


A 'fellowship" is defined as a "group that meets to pursue a shared interest or aim." The aim of the Harvest Fellowship of Churches is to change regions by empowering churches to seize the harvest.


HFC is not a typical church reformation nor fellowship structure that emphasizes hierarchy without help, routines without results, nor procedures without progress. Instead, HFC churches are provided with tangible benefits & coaching to fulfill our aim.


HFC Member Benefits:

What are the expectations of HFC members?

  • Regularly sow into Bishop & Harvest

  • Acquire Bishop’s life-giving message series from our online bookstore to remain fed  

  • Watch Harvest worship experiences via a digital campus to stay connected

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