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By whatever method, your donations are greatly appreciated!

Health In Harmony Inc. is a 501c(3) non-profit organization, and all donations are tax-exempt in the USA. Health In Harmony's DLN # is 17053363046035 and the federal tax ID number is 20-3741107.

All contributions made to HIH Inc. will be used under the discretion and control of the board of directors. In the interest of transparency and fiscal accountability, Health In Harmony’s financial statements are available upon request. Health In Harmony respects your privacy as a donor. Learn more by requesting a copy of our privacy policy


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Your donations are the most crucial source of funding for Health In Harmony to continue its work in the world improving global health for all. Your gift makes a tremendous difference in countries where the daily wage is less than $1.50/day.

Health In Harmony’s low overhead and commitment to monitored work practices ensures that all funds are put to the most effective use possible to do the most good.

80% of Health In Harmony’s income goes directly to support a successful model that delivers both healthcare and conservation. To learn more about our success, click here.

The balance of Health In Harmony’s income supports operations necessary to implement and make our vital projects successful: staff salaries, outreach, electricity, rent and telephone. These are not glamorous expenses but without them, the work couldn’t be done. 



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