Smokey Says: Only You Can Prevent Homelessness
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Smokey Says: Only You Can Prevent Homelessness
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Amy and I are running the Homeward Trust 5k on June 18th. It's a fundraising run for Homeward Trust, an organization seeking to end homelessness in Edmonton. Would you please consider a donation of $10, $20, $50, or more? (These are my own words, can you believe it?? Gotta go for the upsell!)

Often when I see a homeless person, I wish that I could do something for them: Maybe if I talked to them for a few minutes then I'd say the magic words that inspire them to find the way out of their situation. Maybe the $5 in my pocket will be used for food (but maybe it will be used to buy alcohol). Maybe I could schedule to meet up with them for lunch. Certainly, serving the homeless in this way more frequently would be a blessing to some. However, our homeless neighbors also desperately need grounded support structures to build long term healthy habits to get out of chronic homelessness. I believe that Homeward Trust provides that and a donation is a tangible and direct way that I, and you, can help.

I really like Homeward Trust's model: Get homeless people into homes and apartments with no preconditions. Then provide them with support like health and addiction services, employment training, and affordable furniture. The homes are spread throughout the city so that the occupants feel like part of a healthy community. 81% of occupants remain housed after 12 months!

This is encouraging to me and I hope it is for you. We can support the homeless in spontaneous ways but we also have the ability and privilege to support them in foundational ways through organizations like Homeward Trust. I hope you'll consider supporting Amy and I!




Amy and Nathan with a big dinosaur bone

ABOUT Homeward Walk•Run

Homeward Trust is excited to bring you the 6th annual Homeward Walk|Run. You'll walk or run in this time event with 300 enthusiastic participants all running toward the same goal - ending youth homelessness in our community! e4c is the fiscal agent for this event and Homeward Trust will hold funds intrust. All fundraising dollars are split evenly between our 4 partner agencies. 

Head back to the Homeward Walk|Run website:

Name Date Amount Comments
Anonymous Friend 06/19/2017 $100.00  
Ashley Janssen 06/16/2017 $50.00  
Timothy Feaver 06/15/2017 $50.00 Good luck & run fast!!!
Kristen Feaver 06/15/2017 $40.00 Dinosaur bone? Run fast! Don't let the dinosaur eat you!!!!!!!!!
  Total $240.00  
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