Bollywood and BollyX (Spring 2017)


Bollywood and BollyX

Bollywood dance, 2008 Holiday Breakfast

with Gina Deibel
Thursdays, 6:30-8:00pm
Spring session: Feb 2-June 1 (No class 2/23, 4/20)
FREE Demo Class: January 26
Session Cost: $160
Single drop-in: $13, First for $5
Beacon Feed Dance Studio

Tuition assistance available, forms are due by February 1 for priority consideration. Download a Scholarship Application here.

Bollywood is all about dance that is bold, dramatic, and fun! The music is ultra-high-energy and participants are encouraged to smile, express themselves, and unleash the rock star within. This fall, our class will begin with a 45-minute BollyX dance workout followed by an optional 30 minutes of additional Bollywood technique and choreography for those interested in performing in the June dance showcase. BollyX is a new Bollywood-inspired dance-fitness program that is safe, approachable, gender-neutral, and a fun way for beginners and continuing students to learn lots of new Bollywood dance steps while increasing our fitness and stamina. It's a non-stop Bollywood dance party!

The additional technique/choreography part of class will include a break-down of more complex choreography with across-the-floor movements, foot rhythms, and storytelling hand gestures (mudras). This fast-moving class is recommended for teens and adults (participants ages 10 and up are welcome). Please bring clean, indoor sneakers for BollyX and a water bottle.

What is BollyX?
BollyX is a new Bollywood-inspired dance-fitness program that is taking off across the US.This 45-minute cardio workout cycles between higher- and lower-intensity dance sequences to deliver a total body workout. Choreography includes authentic movement from a wide range of South Asian dance styles (Bollywood, Bhangra, Folk) fused with music and dance from around the world for a spicy blend of East and West. Bollywood is all about performance – that's why each BollyX class includes a special dance performance sequence and dramatic poses that encourage you to unleash the hero or diva within! Visit to learn more.

What Gina's students are saying:

"It is so amazing to be part of something so cultural, educational, active, entertaining and fun."
"I like the feeling in the room and the people in it."
"I love the music, and the dances are very infectious. Gina is the best dance instructor I've had in the past 12 years!"
"This class has allowed me to learn not only the dances but has given me an appreciation of the culture. Absolutely wonderful! I want to learn more and continue taking this class for years to come."

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