Help us raise $35,000 for our 35th year!



A nonprofit comedy theater with a mission to serve our community through laughter,
ImprovBoston is a place where performers and community members alike
embrace the power of comedy to change lives.

Our theater complex at 40 Prospect Street has been our home for nearly 10 years,
with bigger audiences discovering ImprovBoston every year.



Our current facilities were not built to accommodate the foot traffic we now see on a weekly basis. As a result, this year we will undertake a major theater overhaul.

The entire project is expected to cost around $100,000, and we hope to raise $35,000 from our supporters.
This theater refresh has been a long time coming, and we need your help to make our home as beautiful and functional a space
as possible while serving the needs of our ever-growing number of patrons and performers.

Projects at the theater will ideally include:

  • Lobby: Complete new lobby layout, bar, box office, lighting, flooring, office, and storage space

  • Main Hallway: New lighting, new paint, new floors, and sound-proofing common areas from performance space

  • Bathrooms: Complete overhaul of all bathrooms at the theater

  • Main Theater: New stage surface, new seating arrangement, new flooring, and fresh paint on walls

  • Studio Theater: New seating and stage

  • Green Room: Updated flooring, updated walls, and improved seating space

  • Classroom and other common areas: New flooring, seating, and paint

With your help, we’ll be able to hit 35 for 35!

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As a small token of our appreciation, all donors will be featured in a special 35th anniversary graphic in our new lobby.

Thank you all! 


Thank you to our current 2017 donors:


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Heather Amsden

Rachel Andelman

George Annas

Margarita Archilla

Danny Balel

Trevor Burnham

Eric Caldwell

Amy Casey

Matthew Chan

Eric Connally

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Mike Cox

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