2014 Skills Booster Shot: From Consumer to Citizen

The words "politics" and "polarization" have in recent years become synonymous, and rarely, if ever, for the betterment of our society or communities. As the Austin community seeks to embrace an upcoming new approach to city government—the 10-1 approach—the challenge before the City Council and each citizen of Austin will be to bridge the divide between our individual need to be a consumer of the goods and services that Austin provides for us, and the responsibility to be a citizen of the larger community, advocating for the needs of the greater whole, while advocating for own interests as well.

Leadership Austin and Dr. Stephen W. Lucas—president of Transitions-In-Balance—will host a single day interactive event that will focus on the essential human skills of building mutual understanding and respect between people with competing agendas, to create win-win solutions that honor the needs of all those around the table. The morning session will focus on developing the skills to support the human values that create safety for all those present. In the afternoon we will put these new skills to work, as we tackle issues that will likely be critical to the forward progress of Austin, and critical in creating fairness and equity for all.

Governmental Affairs Officer for the Austin Board of Realtors, Emily Chenevert, will be on hand to co-facilitate the hands-on simulations in the afternoon sessions. We look forward to our time together!

Event Details
Friday, June 27 from 8:30 am - 4:00 pm
Austin Board of REALTORS
10900 Stonelake Blvd Ste A-100
Registration fee: $75.00

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