NEW: B&W Darkroom weeklong Autumn Refresher


As the only Community Darkroom in Charlotte, we are proud to continue to teach the fine art of B&W Photography.

This class is great if you have never explored B&W Darkroom or if it has been a little while since you have ventured into the world of film! We will bring you to the art of Black and White processing and printing. You will be encouraged to explore alternative shooting techniques-- such as in camera double exposures, infrared film, and Holga and Lomography plastic cameras.

A manual 35mm camera is required, and we have several that may be loaned out for the duration of this class. We have many Holga and Lomo cameras to borrow during the class as well. 

The Class Outline is as follows:

Day 1: Camera Functions and Photo Shoot

Day 2: Film Process & Holga/Lomo Shoot

Day 3: Printing Basics & Contact Sheets

Day 4: Print Exploration & Individual Reviews

Day 5: Process, Print & Party




Dates: Week-long Monday-Friday: September 23-27
Time: 6-9pm
Instructor: Laurie Schorr
Location: The Light Factory's 2nd floor Darkroom/Classroom
Cost: $228 (
To register online, click the link at the top of the page.)

Once you have registered, we will send you a code for your discount!

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The Light Factory's
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Did you know?

The Light Factory is one of only four museums in the United States that promotes the power of image through photography and film.  We offer educational programs that teach people of all ages to communicate using visual mediums.  Since 1972, The Light Factory has served students, artists and the public at large by offering film screenings, photography exhibits, classes and outreach programs that promote media literacy and self expression using the most powerful mediums of our time.


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