Accessing Highest Guidance- Free Channeling Evening

01/17/2018 07:00 PM - 10:00 PM PT


Sebastopol, CA


  • Free


Experience the power of spiritual guidance through opening to the presence of healing guides and angels.   

Embody your Light Body, your essence nature, as you partner with Spirit in creating realities you desire.  

Evalena will channel the Council of Twelve who are like a friendly board of advisors collaborating with you on your life.  Questions are welcome, responses often validate your truth, nurture your self-love, offer practical suggestions, proliferate options. 




Connecting to these Ascended Masters helps to create greater safety and more confidence in your choices and intuitions.  Evalena’s channeled guidance is therapeutic rather than predictive, empowering of your decision-making process rather than making choices for you.  You gain insights that support walking your true path, greater clarity, and more trust of Spirit and self.  


This FREE Evening is a nourishing, personally validating, and joyful experience of collaborating with Ascended Masters and Goddess archetypes about our heartfelt concerns. 


"I am honored to have had this extraordinary session and you are a true being of light.  I am gently watching myself move within a new sense of myself." ~ R.R., Business Coach


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