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Spiritual Counseling/ MetaTherapy: Moving beyond therapy to encompass spiritual and metaphysical resources allows healing to evolve into wholeness. Doors open to fulfillment and happiness. Trauma gives way to new ways of being.

Channeled Reading: A loving audience with Spirit to recieve practical guidance, heal wounds, release blocks, and expand options. Evalena expertly channels the Council of Twelve.

Channeled Business Guidance: For entrepreneurs, consultants, & CEO's, the Council creates a masterful Board of Advisors to collaborate with you to evolve practical solutions & effective strategies.

Tantra: Tantra is a Sanskrit name for a system of spiritual advancement, a deep mystical path that goes back millennia to the Vedas. Tantra is a broad weaving together of varied spiritual and romantic arts with the purpose of celebrating the sacredness in all of life. Personally designed to help expand your erotic life. Couples develop skills, rekindle passion, and resolve blocks to intimacy. Erotic Evenings for Lovers bring special joy.

Multi-Dimensional Healing: Come gently home to your body with hands-on energetic healing that clears trauma and pain from the body, increases awareness, comfort and pleasure.

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