Blissfire Tantra

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Erotic self-pleasuring meditations help a woman (or inner yin aspect) awaken her inner lover and fall in love with herself. As you deepen in self love and understanding, you further your capacity for authentic and fulfilling love with another. Designed to be enjoyed in the privacy of your own bed or sanctuary, this CD takes you on an inner journey to increase your capacity for pleasure and ecstasy.

“After listening to your CD, I felt terrific all week: alive, awake, potent, motivated, upbeat, vibrant. I can’t remember the last time I had a week feeling that good and being that focused and productive!”

An erotic meditation has no end goal save presence and openness to the moment. As you enter into the moment and focus on feeling whatever sensations arise, you discover more about the inner landscape of your erotic world and the range of feelings of which you are capable.

“I appreciate the pleasure aspect of the CD plus all the soothing self-loving affirmations I so needed.  I am having orgasms more easily and more frequently – a true gift. (My partner) has noticed I am more able to get to higher states of arousal.”

Enjoy this enchanting journey set to beautiful, sacred music of Sophia, who produced the CD. Regularly using this practice can expand your capacity to hold an erotic charge and experience ecstatic states. It can deepen your love affair with the Inner Beloved. Once you understand the practice, simply play the third cut and bask in the afterglow.

“Your CD is absolutely wonderful.”

Click here for more on erotic pleasuring and here for a basic introduction to Tantric Breath Practices.
1. Introduction to Erotic Pleasuring as a Spiritual Practice 4:52
2. The Basics of the Practice 5:28
3. The Practice 27:14
4. Blessed Am I ~~ Sophia 3:10
Sophia: Vocals, Zither, Keyboard
Sharon Neal Williams: Cover Art

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