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* Workgroups Cardiopulmonary (ABPM, ECG, Spirometry) Performance Metrics WG
Central Laboratory Performance Metrics WG
Central Monitoring Metrics WG
Clinical Operations Metrics WG
Clinical Supply Metrics WG
Data Management/Biostatistics Metrics WG
eCOA/ePRO Metrics WG
Imaging Performance Metrics WG
Key Performance Indicator Metrics WG
Protocol Tool, Site Scoring Tool and Risk Management User Group
Quality Management Metrics WG
Relationship Quality Metrics WG
Risk-based Site Monitoring WG
Site Network & Investigator Group
Site Selection WG
Small/Mid Sponsor Community of Practice Group
Study Quality Trailblazer Team
TMF Metrics WG
Vendor Oversight WG
None at this time
Site Generated Performance Metrics WG

(QM = Quality Metrics WG, PM = Process Metrics WG, PI = Process Improvement/Tools WG)

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