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Glory, Signs & Wonders - VOL 7 (DVD)
Glory, Signs & Wonders - VOL 7 (DVD)
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1. Matt Sorger - God's Deliverers: Sons of Fresh Oil
In the first of this special two-part, end-time message, Matt explains that in order for the church to overtake the enemy to receive its rightful inheritance in these last days, we must first become endued with fresh oil. Citing various scriptures, Matt shows how that in this new season the areas of your greatest weaknesses will become the areas of your greatest strength. Access to fresh oil will override any demonic attack. The very sword Goliath used against David, says Matt, will ultimately be used to chop Goliath’s own head off.

2. Matt Sorger - Two Mantles Of The Last Days Anointing
Matt shares new understanding in bible prophecy. The two “anointed ones” – literally sons of fresh oil – of Zechariah 4, are not so much two literal persons as much as they are two anointings that will be prominent in the church – a Kingly one to build, and a Priestly one to rule.

3. Jill Austin - The Sword Of The Spirit
This message is designed to increase your hunger and thirst for more of the Lord. The atmosphere was so electric, with the Holy Spirit moving throughout the hall that it can easily saturate the viewer at home.

4. Randy Clark - Grace, Grace
Randy shares such a wonderfully encouraging message about Grace. Yes, we don’t deserve grace – that’s why we have Grace from God. It’s pain-free, guilt-free GRACE!
It overshadows the law, better than our works, more powerful than our imperfections, weaknesses and “unworthiness.” All we have to do is to receive it!

5. Randy Clark - The Power Of Impartation
If Randy could only deliver one message in his life, this would be it. Randy, whose mandate is to lay hands on pastors and leaders for special impartation, explains that God wants to empower all his servants with a latter-day anointing. Will you be able to step up to the challenge?

6. Jill Austin - Do You Want A Visitation?
It’s wonderful the way God caps this whole conference with a powerful move of His Spirit, complete with “popcorn” prophecies and impartations. Jill inspires and whets our appetites for visitations of the Lord. Perhaps, the move of God in this session will entice you all the more.

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