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WinMan Windigo 5K/10K Snowshoe Stomp

02/16/2014 01:00 PM - 04:00 PM CST


Special Events


  • Free  -  Kids Snowshoe
  • $25.00  -  10K Snowshoe
  • $25.00  -  5K Snowshoe



*Scroll down for official time results*

Join us for a timed 5K/10K snowshoe race on the WINMAN TRAILS in Winchester, WI. The race will take place on wide, groomed trails over rolling terrain. For the less competitive racers, there is a Windigo Fur Hunters class where participants seek out Windigos along the race course attempting to snatch a lock of fur (Windigos have been known to be distracted by beer). There will be a non-competitive Windigo kids race. Custom-made awards go to the fastest three women and men in the 5K & 10K.
For more information on the WinMan Trails, visit http://www.WinManTrails.com

  • - Race regisration/check-in 12-1pm.
  • - 10K starts at 1pm; 5K at 1:30pm.
  • - Course consists of wide, groomed trails over rolling terrain.
  • - $25 registration. Registrants by 2/11 are assured a 2014 WinMan Windigo headband.  
  • - Aid stations along the route, sponsored by area service organizations.
  • - Pre- and post-race activities include bonfire, Windigo stories, beer, fire-warmed chili, more.


  1. 1. 5K & 10K Races are open to everyone 13+.
  2. 2. Any type of snowshoe is welcome.
  3. 3. All racers must stay on the course (except to chase a Windigo - then please return to main course). 
  4. 4. No littering. Deposit trash only in containers at aid stations or at the start/finish area.
  5. 5. Sign up for the Windigo Fur Hunters class on race day.
  6. 6. Race may be rescheduled in the event of severe weather. Refunds will not be available.


A Windigo is a half-beast creature in the legends of the Algonquian peoples of the Great Lakes region. The monster can possess people and gets particularly hungry in the winter, hiding in snow banks ready to pounce on innocent villagers during their winter walks and hunts. Most tales say the Windigo rides with the winter wind, howling inhuman screams; others that it is made of ice and cold, or least that its heart is. Imagine an agressive Sasquatch that loves to eat humans... and that gets especially hungry in the lean months of our long Wisconsin winters!  To hear more Windigo stories, stay after for stories around the bonfire.  









Please park at the Winchester Town Hall located two miles north of the WinMan trails on Highway W and take the free shuttle to and from the trailhead. 

Do not block the fire station garage doors at the Town Hall. (see map on right). 


Packet Pickup: All racers must check in at the Winchester Town Hall between noon and 12:45 for packet pickup.

Same Day Registration: Same day registration will be available from noon until 12:45 at the Winchester Town Hall.


Clothing: There will be places for changing at the Winchester Town Hall. You can also bring spare clothing to the start and check it in at the tent. Please place all items in a bag (supplied or BYO) with your bib number.

Start Time: Both the 5K and 10K races will start at approximately 1PM at the WinMan Trails Highway W Trailhead.


Race Course: Both the 5K and 10K racers will start together. After approximately a 1/4 mile the 10K course will split from the 5K - there will be signs and a volunteer directing racers - please pay close attention. The 10K course will rejoin the 5K shortly after the 5K marker and then split again shortly after the 7K marker - again there will be signs and a volunteer directing racers. Both courses will rejoin and finish together.


Aid Stations: There will be two aid stations on the course. One will be exclusively for the 10K racers at the 4K marker. The second aid station will service both the 5K and 10K racers and will be accessible twice (at approximately 6K and 9K for the 10Kers and at 2K and 4K for the 5Kers). Water, Heed, cut fruit and cookies will be available.


Kids Race: A free 1K kids race will follow the 5K/10K race at approximately 3PM. The first 20 kids registered will receive a Windigo keepsake.


Awards: Top 3 women and men overall for the both the 5K and 10K races will receive awards. There will also be awards for the top 3 women and men entered in the Windigo Fur Chaser race. There will be no age-group awards. 


After Race: Enjoy the complimentary chili, smores and drinks. There will be a bonfire and stories of the Windigo Legend.  A free shuttle will be available to return to the Winchester Town Hall.


Raffle: After the race, we will draw for raffle prizes donated by area businesses. Raffle tickets will be $1 or 6 for $5.


Results: Race results will be posted as soon as possible on www.WinManTrails.com.


Thank you: For participating in our first annual event. These trails are newly developed and open to the public this year and Phase II is on the docket. We need continued support through donations and 

volunteerism. Visit online or email trails@discoverycenter.net.

Happy Snowshoeing!



WinMan Snowshoe Race

Feb. 16, 2014

                Race Results by: Ready*Set*Go


  ID#  PLACE                  FINISHER                    City, State                 TIME


201         1              Mike McPherson, 5, Ironwood, MI          35:19.2

207         1              Elizabeth Buetow Luedtk, 5*, Presque Isle, WI   45:45.6

214         2              Alison Polic, 5*, Manitowish Waters, WI                45:53.0

208         2              Al Boyce, 5, McFarland, WI          49:10.0

215         3              Carl Karaffa, 5, Manitowish Waters, WI  54:46.1

216         3              Sylvia Meza, 5*, Minocqua, WI  57:19.1

202         4              Marianne Bogumill, 5*, Arbor Vitae, WI 59:52.1

210         5              JoAnn Zaumseil, 5*, Lac Du Flambeau, WI             1:01:46.7

205         6              Beth Wetzler, 5*, Mercer, WI     1:03:45.7

206         4              Pete Wetzler, 5, Mercer, WI       1:03:47.9

211         5              Ryan Russell, 5, Winchester, WI 1:04:20.3

212         7              Pam Russell, 5*, Winchester, WI               1:05:10.3

209         8              Heather Lumpkin, 5*, Minocqua, WI       1:07:02.3

204         9              Leanna Jackan, 5*, Land O Lakes, WI       1:07:02.3

217         10           Stella Meza, 5*, Minocqua, WI   1:33:46.4

218         11           Sherri Handelland, 5*, Lac Du Flambeau, WI        1:33:47.1

219         12           Tuscani Bellman, 5*, Minocqua, WI          1:33:48.3

203         13           Tracy Bellman, 5*, Minocqua, WI              1:35:10.5

213         14           Tina Handeland, 5*, Lac Du Flambeau, WI             1:35:11.1

* indicates females

5 male finishers

14 female finishers

19 total finishers



ID#  PLACE                  FINISHER                      City, State                 TIME


101         1              Michael McPherson, 10, Ironwood, MI  55:01.6

104         1              Valerie Foley, 10*, Rhinelander, WI         1:35:25.4

106         2              Amy Laxton, 10*, Rhinelander, WI           1:37:50.4

102         3              Heather Bauers, 10*, Manitowish Waters, WI     1:50:45.7  DNF

103         4              Tara Nolan, 10*, Manitowish Waters, WI               1:50:46.1  DNF

107         5              Cheryl Edwards, 10*, Rhinelander, WI    1:55:28.2

* indicates females

1 male finishers

5 female finishers

6 total finishers


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