Chicago, Illinois 2018 Annual Conference

07/04/2018 08:00 AM - 07/08/2018 ET


Chicago, IL


  • $169.00  -  Adult Registration before 4/15
  • $255.00  -  Family Package before 4/15 (up to 2 adults & 2 kids under 18)
  • Free  -  List family members (up to 2 Parents/2 Kids under 18) in Family Package
  • $49.00  -  Additional kid under 18
  • $69.00  -  Single Adult 1-Day 4/15
  • $229.00  -  SLP Registration before 4/15
  • $139.00  -  Chapter Leader/RCC/Student/Spouse/(No CEUs) before 4/15
  • $149.00  -  Masterclass Series Admission before 4/15
  • $328.00  -  Masterclass Series & Annual Conference before 4/15
  • $160.55  -  5% off, First Timer Adult before 4/15
  • $242.25  -  5% off, First Time Family before 4/15
  • $65.55  -  5% off, First Timer 1-Day Pass before 4/15
  • $217.55  -  5% off, First Timer SLP before 4/15
  • $132.05  -  5% off, First Time CL/Student (Grad/College) (No CEUs) before 4/15


Hit the windy city with the NSA and experience the buzz of energy in the most-visited city in the Midwest – Chicago, Illinois! In 2018 we celebrate our 35th Annual Conference at the Sheraton Grand Hotel.

Once again, our 2018 conference location offers all of the amenities our conference attendees have come to expect, coupled with our outstanding NSA Conference group rate and a trendy downtown location. Situated amongst world-class shopping and dining, this Chicago hotel is in walking distance of top attractions, including Navy Pier, Willis Tower, Millennium Park, and theater and museum districts.

Are you a First Timer?

We know that attending our conference for the first time can be both exciting and overwhelming. We know you might be thinking…

Can I afford it?
I won’t know anyone!
What goes on during the conference (will it just be boring lectures the whole time?)
I’m scared!

We’ve heard it all, and have the answers to put your mind at ease!

Even before you come to the conference, you will be contacted by a conference veteran who will introduce themselves to you, tell you a little of what to expect and answer any of those worrisome questions you might have. It’s always fun when you meet the person who called you face-to-face at the conference!

What’s truly amazing about our Annual Conferences is that you are in one place with hundreds of people who share the common bond of stuttering. Everyone at the conference is there either because they stutter, they love someone who stutters, or they are interested in learning more about stuttering. When you’re at the NSA conference, people who stutter are in the majority!

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