Art Quilt Quarterly: 1 yr subscription (4 issues)
Art Quilt Quarterly: 1 yr subscription (4 issues)
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Art Quilt Quarterly is published four times a year and combines the best features of Art Quilt Collector and SAQA’s annual Portfolio. Each issue is filled with beautiful artwork and informative articles for collectors, art venues, museums, professional artists and art enthusiasts. 


Each issue includes:

• A broad array of art to enjoy, including 60+ pages of beautiful artwork by SAQA’s Juried Artist Members (starting with Issue #8). 

• Interviews with artists and other arts professionals that offer inspiration and guidance on how to navigate your creative career.

• Galleries of artwork from SAQA's traveling exhibitions PLUS insider details about select museum and private collections.

• Resources on the proper ways to display, insure and care for your art quilt collection




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