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We have been a Portland Public School for eleven years, offering an academically rigorous constructivist learning environment that engages each student’s unique spirit and intellect, develops creative, critical thinking skills, and cultivates compassionate, active citizens. As a charter school, the financial support we receive from the school district is limited. In fact, while we're responsible for our own building and maintinance, counseling and human resource programs, and auxiliary services, Trillium operates with less than 80% of the per-pupil funding neighborhood schools receive. 

Individual donors, families, friends, neighbors, supporters of Constructivist learning, and charter school allies play an enormous role in closing the gap. Becoming an ongoing monthly donor is the best way for most people to support Trillium's financial needs because it provides a predictable level of support throughout the year (Of course, if your employer matches donations, or if annual or quarterly giving is better for you, that's great, too!)

To make any contribution monthly, please click the 'recurring' link at the bottom of this page.

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