Preschool Runaissance

04/10/2013 - 06/25/2013
Event Registration is closed.

The Trillium Preschool Runaissance, on Friday, April 19th, is a fundraiser for Trillium's playground project. Students will collect pledges, either as flat donations or pledges per lap run, which will support the construction of our new playground, beginning in June, 2014. The design reflects the entire K-12 student body at Trillium, and incorporates active and imaginative play into a nature-based landscaping.  We're in the final stages of the design process, and will include updates here between now and the 19th. The estimated cost of implementing the first stage of the design is $10,000, and we have raised just over $8,000 of that through Sustaining Trillium (monthly donations) and the fall Read-a-Thon. The Preschool Runaissance will play a key role in making it through the home stretch!


If you plan to make a flat donation, either as a single contribution or through our monthly giving program, you can do so right here! If you'd prefer to pledge per lap, please stay tuned for a post-Runaissance follow up e-mail from our Development Director on Monday, April 22. 

All students who raise at least $10 will eart an official Runaissance t-shirt, designed by Middle Schooler Malise French. Shirts are available in small, medium, and large for both youth and adult sizes. Volunteers, of course, can snag a shirt as well! If you're interested in volunteering, please  check in with Kimberly or other Preschool Staff, or e-mail Emily Saxton.



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