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Our Mission

Thank Israeli Soldiers educates, embraces and empowers the soldiers of today...the leaders of tomorrow.

Join us to show your gratitude and support to the people who are on the front lines to protect Israel and
freedom everywhere.


Extraordinary Celebrations with Thank Israeli Soldiers


With Extraordinary Celebrations, you can multiply the joy and meaning of a bar/bat mitzvah, anniversary, birthday or any special occasion when you make it into a gratitude event for Israeli soldiers. 

“You gave tremendous joy and support to the soldiers who serve on the very front line every day.“   ---Gaza Military Commander

Thank Israel Soldiers has a variety of unique ways to make honoring Israeli soldiers a part of your celebration, including sending letters of thanks written by community children, or sponsoring and sharing a festive meal with a unit.  Additional options include sponsoring and experiencing a “Treasure Hunt” with soldiers in the Old City of Jerusalem or celebrating Shabbat in the Old City with soldiers

More Quotes from Our Extraordinary Celebration Events

  • From the Wissotsky family who sponsored a Shabbat meal in honor of Grandpa’s 80th Birthday:  “This was certainly one of the highlights of the trip and I'm getting choked up just thinking about it and seeing how my father appreciated it.   I cannot imagine any other country in the world where an interaction with a young group of soldiers would be accompanied with song and spirit. The soldiers are truly very special people.” 
  • A soldier, who received a personal letter from a classmate of the hosting Bar Mitzvah boy smiled and then placed the letter in his pocket. When asked what he plans to do with it, he replied:  “I’m going to put it up by my bed to remember that Jews all over appreciate what we are doing.”
  • From the Jerusalem Experience Treasure Hunt: A group of Israeli soldiers and a bunch of American tourists are bent over a page and a map in an alley of the Old City in Jerusalem. One of the kids is trying to remember the name of a Jewish King she learned about in Day School, a soldier next to her gives her a tip.  Suddenly they realize they have figured out the clue and laughing they start waving their hands in the air calling out to everyone to come follow them.
  • From the American Uncle of a Bat Mitzvah Girl:  “Language obstacles aside, it is incredulous how after a few minutes of good food, singing and entertainment, the walls between us began to break down. We may not become the closest of friends overnight but there is a transition and a connection has certainly been established.  Just the fact that I had never had a conversation with an Israeli soldier before, and he was amazed that my niece wanted to share this day with people she didn’t even know was so special.”

Express your gratitude, support and love by reaching out, giving and sharing your special occasion with Israeli soldiers.

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